EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mummy' started by Moonjellie, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    Hello ladies, anybody else expecting their little bundle of joy this Sep? I'm 5 weeks & this is my first bb so looking forward to sharing tips & advice with all mummies-to-be here :)
  2. Caramellae

    Caramellae Member

    Heyyy there! Me too! EDD first week of Sept.. Just went for my first scan today and couldnt see anything :( rather disappointing.. Gynae requested for 2nd scanning done a week later.. How about you? :)
  3. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    Hi Caramellae, I went for scanning just on thurs & I saw a little gestational sac... Just abt 1cm. But can't see the embryo yet. Dr say to go back in 2 weeks to scan for heartbeat! :) how many weeks are u right now? Dun worry... I'm sure you'll see our little bean at the next scan! :)
  4. Caramellae

    Caramellae Member

    Mine cant even see the sac :( i hope all is well thou. Let's hope that i get to see something nx week.
    Im 5 weeks when i did the scan yesterday.. No morning sickness so far. How abt you?
  5. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    Oh yeah I do... Usually happens in the morning & evening though. But it's more of a slight nausea. & I have it too when I get hungry.... Hubby says I'm screwed up! Lol..... I was reading on the net & it says that it's common that nothing can be seen on week 5 scans but as long as there's no bleeding, spotting, severe pain etc, you shd be fine. Maybe your little one implanted later than u thought... I'm sure you'll catch something next week! :) oh, I know 5 weeks is a bit early but haf u shared the news with anybody else yet? :)
  6. Caramellae

    Caramellae Member

    Thank you moonjellie! It made me feel better! :)

    I have shared the news with jst people who are closer to me.. Perhaps i will break the news when everything is more stable..
  7. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    Yea me too! Too excited to keep it hush hush til 3 mths... :D but just as well cuz now not only me & hubby happy, but my in-laws & parents are all so happy too. So u shd be going for another scan soon right? Hope u catch sight of your little bean! :)
  8. Caramellae

    Caramellae Member

    Hi moonjellie! I finally can see the sac! Just like what u said, implanted much later than i thought. Nw my edd is 12 sep. gynae say its abt 5 weeks. Based on my last menses date, it shld be 6 weeks. Gynae said to come 2 weeks later to see the heartbeat :)
  9. Mummyzicky

    Mummyzicky New Member

  10. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    That's wonderful Caramellae! :D I'm going back for next fri for my 7th week scan as well... Hope I'm able to catch its little heartbeat! I'm exhausted this week though... Hit hard by fatigue & morning sickness.... Hope it'll get better for me soon >.<
  11. Caramellae

    Caramellae Member

    Me too! Im extremely tired... Feeling so incompetent at work lately :(
    Let's hope it gets better for us!
  12. June2012

    June2012 Member

    Hi September mummies,

    I am new to this forum and joining your group. I should be at 5th week now but gynae appointment is only later this week, looking forward to it :)

    Thus far, I have to experience any morning sickness, but I do feel some sharp cramp around the tummy area, and cramp at the back. Is this normal? Anyone of you experience the same?
  13. Moonjellie

    Moonjellie Member

    Congrats June! And welcome to the club! :D I answered ur qn in the other forum thread actually... U dun have to worry. Your uterus is now growing to accommodate your growing baby so a bit of cramping is to be expected. As long as its not too severe & not accompanied by bleeding / spotting, u shd be fine. I had quite a bit of cramping at 5-6 weeks too and I still do too but the frequency is lower :)

  14. GiselleLim

    GiselleLim New Member

    Hi ladies, one more joining in... It's amazing that all ours first scanning is just one day after another, mine is on the 4th Jan. I'll be going back for my 2nd appt on this coming Friday.
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  15. yeoymp

    yeoymp Member

    Hello Everybody....

    Just found out i'm pregnant, should be around 4weeks.....This is my 2nd baby.

    Have not seen gyane yet, anybody seeing gynae in KKH?

    or which gynae you girls are seeing now?
  16. GiselleLim

    GiselleLim New Member

    Hi, so you are e experience one, can share with us important tips for first pregnancy & things we might need to award of.

    I am going for Gleneagle, Dr Ang Huai Yen heard that she's very good & all forum have good feedback on her.
  17. yeoymp

    yeoymp Member

    Hi Hi...

    Think just be more balanced and nutritien diet, and of coz do not forget to have some light excercise to have smooth delivery.

    For my 1st pregnancy, i do walk a lot and even climb staircase coz ppl told me it ill shorten the delivery time.....try it
  18. colors

    colors New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    I'm 5 weeks preggie now.. Looking for a gynae.. Any recommendation?
  19. mflee1312

    mflee1312 Member

    hi i strongly recommend Dr See Tho from Gleneagles. He's super experience doc. Had an ovarian cyst removed in Oct last yr n its cos of this that im unable to conceive. He assured me that I will b preggie after this op and wif God's grace im in early stage (3 wks) now.
  20. tinkerbell2116

    tinkerbell2116 New Member

    Hello All,

    Very nice to see all expectant mothers here. I had two tests (using test kit at home) and they were both positive!

    I am planning to see a doctor to confirm within this week and guess the EDD will be in Sept too like u all =)

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