Electric bike with baby seat


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Hi all,

I have an electric bike wanna to sale.
The price is SGD850 include baby seat.
Below is the photo of my electric bike:
A bike extremely light due to the aluminum alloy frame. Easy driving and improve handling with estimate is about 19kg
If any interested, kindly contact Vivian ,H/P:84821085.
Location for collection: Woodlands.


Yes, a good idea for sale. But you need to carefully analyze the market, all + e- and for what kind of cost it is better to set. For example, Bikesist offers electronic models of very good quality bicycles in the new production and many are representative at an affordable price. Clearly, describe the time of operation and appreciate the sober possibilities. Good luck


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The idea is excellent, but we need to analyze the pros and cons. But it is best to take a scooter with a child seat, and I took my scooter on the website riderly.com. The scooter is not heavy by itself, for trips with children is very safe. All scooters are new and of excellent quality. The price is not very high, and it is optimal for families. The scooter does not cause much pollution to the atmosphere. In terms of maintenance, the scooter is not expensive. I was attracted by the fact that my son and I can ride where I want, even where a regular car can not pass. For those who like to travel and swing, this choice is perfect.


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I also thought about buying a scooter, but then I have decided that a bike is a much better option, as I can have an active lifestyle while cycling. However, I looked a lot through the Internet till I have bought the bike, as I paid attention to every detail and especially to the warranty. After reading this article https://simplebikeinsurance.com/bicycle-warranties/ I have understood the importance of it and what I should take into consideration. I am very happy with this decision as I have noticed improvements in my health.
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