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I count my lucky stars that I have a good maid agency helping me all this years! Seems that the folks kinda overlook Myanmar maids. They are generally simple, honest and hardworking. You can call Joyce (84982625) for maid agency assistance. She is very patient and experienced!


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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica]I would never again go to Dynamic Employment at Peninsula Plaza. And I will never again hire maids from Myanmar. Dynamic got us a Myanmar maid. The agency is run by a single Myanmar woman who was so sweet - but it was only till we pay the 6-month loan and the agency fee.

This maid was not great but OK but she wanted to leave within 4 months. The agency simply dragged their feet getting us a replacement maid. They refused to give us biodatas. However, the Myanmar maid we returned to the agency, they got her a new employer within days.

I have grown sick of Myanmar maids. They eat A LOT, I mean really a lot, like manual labourers who carry heavy sacks the whole day and need to eat a mountain of rice for their energy needs. We are a Budhist family, the Myanmar maid was a Christian convert. She said she wants to work with a Christian family. The agency disclosed that they did not charge the maid any transfer fee! From their treatment of Myanmar maids, I can see they virtually worship their maids but are rude to employers.

Many of my friends, even taxi drivers all say Myanmar maids are no no.

Going through many websites of various maid agencies, I found that Myanmar maids are demanding at least $450 and 2 days off - even though they speak little English. These so-called "experienced" Myanmar maids are just inefficient unmotivated women who were sent back and they demand higher pay. At least, when Filipino maids ask for $450, they are justified as they speak English.

Anyway, I saw from MoM's webpage (Employment Agency Search) that Dynamic has the rare honor of 3 demerit points.

I repeat - I will never ever hire Myanmar maids, nor will I patronise Dynamic Employment.

My previous maid, from Philipines, was from Apex HR (at Balestier). They had very good service. Even called me to check if I received the biodata they emailed to me. I think I will go back to them. But my only worry is if the next Filipino maid will want to leave within weeks of joining us.


Hi there, do you mind sharing your maid agency with me?

hi jesamine, the upfront fee will not be applicable if you are hiring a transfer maid.

If you want a brand new maid (directly from their hometown), you have to help the maid to pay her loan to the agency first and deduct that from her salary.

Average Fees for Hiring New Maids
Bond/Loan- Approx 2.2K (this is the amount your new maid owns you)
Agency Fee- Approx 1.6 k (paid by employer)

Bond/Loan- Approx 2.8k - 3k (this is the amount your new maid owns you)
Agency Fee- Approx $788 (paid by employer)

I personally would recommend to hire a transfer maid with at least few years of experience, will save you some trouble. My family and some friends engaged brand new maids before, and get really frustrated and stressed most of the time. New maids need more time to pick up the language/cooking/cleaning/etc although they are less demanding and salary is lower than experienced maids.

I rather pay 100 bucks more each month to save me the headaches, especially when both hubby and I are working. :)


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Hi all,

Two questions - i just employed a helper, and didnt know there is a $170 gov levy. Is this only for helpers who take care of elderly & children, or it's for all helpers? Is the levy avoidable in anyway?

My helper's from Myanmar, from a very ulu village that currently now is flooded so no phonelines, no letters are reacheable. She's planning to remit money back to a relative's place in the city area so that they can pass to her family. How can I help her to do the remitting of money?

Was thinking if I can help her open up her own Singapore bank account (but i don't want them to impose the minimum monthly balance thing), or I don't mind using my own bank account to transfer money over.

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i am looking for maid agency which uses post dated cheque.. anyone can recommend.. its a headache now looking for indonesia maids. next year indonesia maids are having 1 week once as their off day. i better apply one soon. but i dont know which agency are using post dated cheques.

So Far this list of maid agency does not have the maid supply :


any one can help me..

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ok guys, thank to those who reply. Thank God that I am able to get a maid agency with less then 900 for the agency fee n o up front payment, maid salary is through post dated cheques.


Hey it's possible to get a maid without agency. I applied mine myself. Save alooooooooot. N the maid also wont wadte first 8 mths to agent.


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Does anyone has contacts to get IP surveillance cameras?

hi i get ip camera from foscam.. really very gd and easy to install..
can i check with anyone of you , how much do you spend on buying things to cook for 2adult n 1 3 yrs old kids and maid?
cause i have been spendig $160 for food stuff and at the end the food can only last for 2 weeks , i think my maid was so scary.. she use things quite fast also.. can anyone help? i'm first time hiring maid and this maid has been with me for 1 month plus..


Not many maids available,my maid agent is not bad.Is at bedok,so far got few maids from them with contract finished.Just got ! fresh new indo maid from them again,with this agent for many years de.......