Expecting our first child.


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Hi mums and dads,

I’m a father whom expecting my first baby, Found out that my wife is pregnant with 4 week old yesterday when we went to clinic. The doctor gave my wife a folic acid for building up baby spinal cord (thats what the doc says)

I’m asking this on behalf of my wife, there’s a few questions i wish to ask and i hope your kindness would be repay.

1) me and my Wife considering to go private hospital but yet to have any on our mind. Is there any difference between the hospitals? And we also yet to have any recommendations female gynae. Is having recommendations necessary?

2) the doc says on my wife 6th week pregnancy it’s good to visit gynae or polyclinic doctor for scanning, but can i go polyclinic for it and get refer to private hospital? Or should i just go to private hospital for it?

3) As a soon to be father, is there any advice should i take note?


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Congrats to you bro.
Just visit any private gynae on the 6week or 7week will do. Don’t need referral one. Just decide which clinic u prefer and call them to book a appointment.

My is a male gynae so can’t intro u since u are looking for a female one. But online got so many review on gynae. I’m sure u will will get The 1 u like.

Try to get cooked food not raw food for this period. 1st Tri. Very important. Foid acid is good. My gynae told me this period just need that. No other thing.

Good luck