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  1. NightKnowl

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    I've got an 8mth old boy and I'm thinking of switching him to another formula. He's currently on Nan Pro 2 but he's drinking a lot and it's getting a little too expensive to stay on the same formula. I'm considering Nestle Lactogen as it's significantly cheaper than Nan Pro and I've read that it's consistency is light, which I guess is similar to Nan.

    Would appreciate if anyone can comment on the following:-
    1. With switching of formula, is it common for babies to have constipation? My boy had bad constipation right from the beginning, that's the reason why we are stuck with Nan (initially Nan HA as recommended by Paediatrician)
    2. Has anyone had any problems with Nestle Lactogen? I know reactions to formula is very individual but just want to know....
    3. Is Nestle Lactogen very much inferior than the other brands?

  2. Sheila

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    Hi.. When my son 1 month old.. we gave him lactogen.. But he's having phlegm... And at 2 months old.. his phlegm gotten worse.. And we have to see doctor twice... And now he's 3 months old.. we change to Nan1.. And his appetite getting betta... Lactogen is like soy milk.. I think coz i smell the powder... Hehehe
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    my sis in law's baby is 3 months old n has been using lactogen after a disappointment with dumex dulac.. n no complain from her before.. no problem with her baby's pooing and growing.. can say she is growing very well..

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