Experiences with Gyneas of Raffles Hospital during first pregnancy


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Hi all,

It was quite long period we were thinking to share our experience of first our pregnancy…

We are proud parents of a little angel; we would like to share our experiences with gyneas of Raffles Hospital during pregnancy….

As every couple we were very happy to know we are pregnant. After some search and reviews we selected Raffles Hospital and Dr. Shamini Nair as our gynea. Initial appointments with her were quite ok. Then during the 12 week screening we found that our baby have hypoplastic nasal bone L…which is usually an indication of baby having Down syndrome…We were so worried at that period. Dr. Shamini suggested to do Harmony test and informed us that the test is 96% accurate in confirming Down Syndrome. She informed us that the test result will take 10 days and they will inform through phone the result.

Those days were too hard for us…waiting for a positive result impatiently…But we never receive any phone from Dr. Shamini’s staff and at last we made a call to know the result of the test…then they told us that it was normal…We were really disappointed with these kind of response as we were so worried for 2 weeks to know the outcome of the result.

For our next appointment date Dr. Shamini went on leave for 1-2 months (we understand it was due to someone passed away in her close relation) and we highlighted the matter to the management that we haven’t informed by the staffs about the result ….as how much the result matters to us. During the absence of Dr. Shamini we were consulted by Dr.Cordelia Han Chih Chih on behalf of her.

Dr Han provided really comfortable and informative consultancy to us which we never had from Dr.Shamini as it was our first baby and even after 12 weeks of pregnancy Dr.Han went through each and every details including asking my diet as I am a vegetarian. At this period we had an emergency situation of urination problem; Dr. Han was there for all kind of questions and confusions. She monitored so closely and provided all kind of support at that situation, that day she almost spend the whole day with us monitoring every hour for about 4 hours. We were so comfortable to discuss all kind of queries with her.

Dr. Shamini was back after 1-2 month and we went back to her. By the time we had our 20th week detailed scanning…This time as well the nasal bone of our baby appeared hypoplastic…L.After the consultation of Ultrasound with Dr.Tony Tan ; He informed us that may the baby have chance of chromosomal abnormalities and if we want to be 100% sure then need to go for Amniocentesis….He asked us to discuss with our Gynea(Dr. Shamini) for decision of Amnio….We were shocked totally with her attitude. Seems like Hospital management has had something to do with it and she throw all kinds of tantrum, instead of talking about our baby’s hypoplasic nose and just telling us to decide in 2 days whether we want to go for Amnio!

There was no concern for our baby or even about our situation. All she has to say was most of the times nurses are too busy and might not call if the results are ok and will just mail the report. Not only that she went to the extreme extent that the pamphlet she show us to discuss just in very brief for the Amnio process can’t even share with us as she had more concern in saving paper by telling us “this I gave you during your 1st visit so you should have it.” She never even tried to console or educate us. Throughout the conversation no concern was shown for our baby nor about the situation where we in…. I hope no parents has to go through this. Whoever is in that situation will understand our point here.

We decided we never go back to Dr.Shamini. If we would have continued our consultation with Shamini, we would have definitely ended up with Amniocentesis which have high chances of miscarriage.

During the 1-2 month consultation with Dr.Han has educated us and also taught us how much Medical science can do. And how paranoid now a days parents become unlike our old folks days. We decided not to do Amnio. Dr. Han was kind enough to continue us for her consultation.

Unfortunately due to improper guidance on the hospital package we ended up in a financial situation that we have to move from Raffles Hospital and Dr. Han. We visited the Mt.Alvernia hospital we were so pleased the way they explain the whole package with some estimation senario’s and even with that we had paid way lesser that the estimate. Even the nurses were so caring and affectionate.

We blessed with a sweet little healthy angel. For our surprise we received a call from Dr. Han’s staff on the same day just to enquire the health and how we are doing. We were so glad to receive such an affection from her that she spared time to know our wellbeing….regardless of we were no longer her patient…means a lot to us.

We are glad we met Dr.Han and wishing her all the happiness in the world…

Thank You!