Eyebrow emboidery


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I got regret doing at one place. The beautician didn't really clarify with me and so i ended up with a higher arch in my brow.

And i didnt go for the 2nd session to touch up. Wanted it to fade asap.

Then i waited for 2 years before going to The Prestige Eyebrow and Lash Specialist. Their service super friendly and efficient.

They also consult with me before doing. Recommend me which eyebrow would suit my face.

Now, my eyebrow looks alot more natural than my first embroidery.


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The Best Beauty Centre from Century branch is so friendly and nice. I ended up signing a package from them. Also, the beautician is very experienced and meticulous, going over and checking my brows a few times from all angles. Well done.


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I strongly encourage you girls to go and try The Best Beauty Centre while they are having special rates @ $1 eyebrow design. No harm seeing how you look like without getting to draw your eyebrow every single day haha.
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No. Why should I regret doing? Maybe you had chosen the wrong place. I'm quite particular when it comes to eyebrow embroidery. I'll make sure I find the right salon as my brows will be with my for months. For me, I always go to The Best Beauty Centre at TPY level 4. Check it out girls.