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  1. sharon27

    sharon27 New Member

    I been really interested in doing eyebrow embroidery. Went to google about some store regarding it. looking through the forum there is browhaus, bioskin and etc.. but im really interested in the prestige eyebrow embroidery and lash specialist. I read thesgsister's blog post it seems there is a lot celebrities went there before. All the reviews is really good, the picture of the shop is very very atas. All gold and black like a castle.


    look really really appealing.......

    they got a website for it >>> The Prestige Eyebrow Embroidery & Lash Specialist
    Need your advises fellow babes..... Thank you!
  2. joleesim

    joleesim New Member

    Go for it!!! I went there for my eyebrow embroidery and the results were amazing!! My brows looks super natural and pretty~ :Dancing_tongue: and yes, they make you feel super comfortable and their staffs were very patient throughout the whole process! moreover, it was TOTALLY PAINLESS just like what the bloggers said!! I highly recommend it! You won't regret!! :wong29:
  3. Prettylady

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    For me, I would personally recommend the best beauty centre as I find them really good. Not only end result is better than expectation, their staffs are very friendly. One of them actually became my good friend hahas.
  4. Teochewgirl

    Teochewgirl New Member

    Definitely The Best Beauty Centre when it comes to eyebrow embroidery. Who else can beat this pioneer company for doing eyebrow embroidery? Not sure for u girls but for me I really like them. Their amazing skills and equipment. I think I have to say that I got the nicest eyebrow embroidery in singapore haha.
  5. Ktk

    Ktk New Member

    I've been wanting to try eyebrow embiodery for the longest time. Check with friends, ask around and finally found one that I really like. Firstly, the price there is really reasonable. Secondly, the result is lasting and u to my expectation. Lastly, the staffs there are very friendly and nice. The best beauty center is the best!!
  6. Creativefirl

    Creativefirl New Member

    I'm one of the best beauty centre customer. Love their work service price and staff. Go try it out itself and you will fall in love like me. Loyalty customer until now.
  7. neonneon

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    I go to this home based salon (Beautydivas) - Diana to do my eyebrows. In fact, I started going to her few years ago when she was at Sengkang. Now, she has moved to Eunos. And I would highly recommend her eyebrow embroidery services to other mummies here. She is very professional & uses only good quality materials. I'm still breastfeeding & feel safe doing with her, as she uses organic plant colour pigments, and practice good hygiene. And she doesn't use china products, which I usually don't trust. My friends & family have commented that my eyebrow look very nice & natural, eyebrow colour also suits me perfectly. I did the korean style, which is a newer type.
    This is the link for more info.


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