Eyelash Perming


i try this "wawa" perm from my beauty salon. Reali curl veri natural, not like same tat only goes upwards. Cost me 50 buck and last for a month ++ only.


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Mine curled for about a month and dropped a bit of lash during the first few days.Not sure if it is due to the perming lotion. But it's really convenient , being able to skip the eyelash curler :)
No, but my friend tried it. Just forgot to ask where. It stayed for a month I think. I am thinking of trying it too one these days...


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Instead of eyelash perming, I think you girls should consider eyelash extension. Unless of course you have nice full thick eyelashes which I suppose most Singaporean doesn't have it. Hahas. For me, I did eyelash extension and eyeliner embroidery with the best beauty centre. Really love my eyes now. Even without makeup I feel that I look really good. I'm proud to go out without makeup now.