Eyeliner Embriodery

Agnes Josephine

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I just did the eyebrow creative one. Very natural cos they embroider 1 strand 1 strand on. so you have a look like eyebrow hair not like 1 block of colour.

Very happy with the results :)

Same here... Mine also the creative ones... :001_302:

But, one of my brow end not nicely done... so have to use my fringe to cover it... I can only get it rectified when I go for the touch up in 3 weeks time... I just did it on thursday...



Did my on 3rd Oct 9.30PM. Swollen till the next evening only la..

Went for new lips embriodery and eyeliner touch up! Both are ok! This time the eyeliner area not swollen.. :red:


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I'm always clumsy when it comes to drawing of eyeliner. I went online to learn how to draw the perfect wink eyeliner but somehow I didn't managed to master it. Well, now that I had visited The Best Beauty Centre at tpy, my eyeliner is so perfect and natural now! Eyeliner embroidery is a must! It makes our eyes bigger and look prettier. Hehe


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So, I am done with drawing my brows daily. Walked into The Best Beauty Centre and get the eyebrow embroidery started. It was just a very thin liner, we don't want to do it too drastic because Koreans focus on natural good-looking facial features but not on heavy makeup look. Secondly, you don't want to look so dramatic 365 days right? Comparing before and after! I am more ready to head out without cosmetic now!


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3D eye brow embroidery is highly recommended for its natural look. The reason that it looks natural is because it is being embroidered stroke by stroke onto the skin at your eyebrow region. It creates illusion of strokes of hair making it look more natural. Shorter strokes are used and the strokes follow the natural grain of your eyebrows, making the embroidery resemble real hair. Highly recommend The Best Beauty Centre for this special service.


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Other than eyebrow embroidery, The Best Beauty Centre is a cosy place for ladies to go for wide range of beauty enhancement services like eyeliner enhancement, eyelash extension, lip enhancement and body treatments like IPL.


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I just went to the best beauty centre to get my eyeliner n eyebrow embroidery done. They were amazing. Reasonable price with fantastic end result. I heard they are the pioneer batch for launching eyebrow embroidery. Well done. Look for Sally if you guys visit TPY branch. She's my favorite :)


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I did my eyeliner embroidery with the best beauty centre. My eyes look bigger and it's rounder now. It's a must do for all ladies out there. Who doesn't fancy a permanent eyeliner on their face?
It is a must do for every single ladies!! I highly recommend the best beauty centre at Far East plaza branch. I did a thin natural black eyeliner together with eyelash extension. Now I look pretty even without makeup. Imagine how amazing it is? Definitely worth the money spend. Rather than plastic surgery. This is so much better and it's natural! Who doesn't like nature beauty?


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A few things to note for girls. How to look pretty without makeup on? I've done eyebrow, lip and eyeliner Embroidery. Other than these I also did eyelash perming/extension. One shop all services at The Best Beauty Centre. The branch I visit is TPY as I'm staying around that area.