Facing back-pain issue?


Mummies who are still waiting for the arrival of your little one. I wonder if you are like me facing with back pain due to the growth of your tummy as the weight is pulling down. I am planning to attend this seminar with the hope of gaining some techniques or ways to relieve my pain. Hence, wanted to share with all of you too in case you need help like me :)



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Yeah, me too. Even though it might seem odd, it does help and doesn't hurt the baby, as I've heard. Though, for any assurance you should better check in with your doctor. I've never heard of any pregnant women taking CBD but I've tried it on myself and it does help with the pain. It almost goes away. If you want to know more you should check out where I buy top shelf CBD flower from. My friend recommended me it, and it is of a good quality for sure. Nevertheless, you shouldn't use it without doctor's recommendation.
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Thank you for this post! This kind of problem is common I learned for a long time to do everything without hurting my back, but it still didn't work out so well. Now I still do massages to ease the pain.