Feeling breathless with fast heartbeat


I am abt 16 weeks pregnant. Lately have been feeling breathless. Can feel my heartbeat is very fast like just run 2.4km and heart going to pop out. Tis can occur even when I am sitted. Do any pregnant mums feel this way?


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I experienced the same at around 16 wks too! I asked my gynae and he said its normal cos there is increased blood blow in our body. :) Just prevent further exertion, and rest. Mine was mostly resolved now, at 22 wks.


Hi I have been feeling breathless at times at 1st trimster. I suspect its becz we are not so fit ... but shd be normal.... sigh ....


My colleague had the same experience and went for check up. She was diagnosed with thyroid. She woke up suddenly in the middle of the night because her heart was beating so fast even though she was sleeping.