First thing you wish you had done when starting a new business?

Hey there,

I am just curious to ask all the business owners here, what it the first thing you wish you did, when starting your business?

I look forward to your answers!

Many thanks!


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Starting a new business requires knowledge and expertise in the field. It is recommended that you are on hand in your business particularly starting business. It will need a thorough research and market analysis to the chosen field.


Starting a business is such a roller coaster and looking back, there are definitely a few things I wish I'd done differently. When I started my business, things were chaotic, to say the least. Between juggling various tasks, communicating with a fledgling team, and trying to get customers, it was all a bit overwhelming.
I wish I had used a project management whiteboard to streamline tasks and visualize our workflow. It would have helped me see the big picture, prioritize what needed to be done, and keep everyone on the same page. It wasn't until later that I discovered tools with whiteboard feature that lets you manage tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities all in one place.