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  1. I know there are many of us FTMs out there DYING to have our questions and silly worries answered. But feel riddiculous about a certain fear or asking "obvious" questions. But put all of that aside in this thread and just ASK. I have stupid questions I really want answered as well. Been researching and still confused, So I'll try to help when I can (haha! so reassuring...) and I hope more experienced mummies out there can help us first timers too! After all, we all want the best for our babies!

    I'll start off with some questions:

    1. I have recently changed my Gynae (KT Tan) to June Tan and my first Appt with her is on 7 Aug. Can anyone share their experience with her? I'll be attending KKH's Private Suite.

    2. Speaking of hospitals: Does anyone know in detail the medical benefits civil servant has as compared to being a depandant of an SAF regular's?

    3. I have been craving for Tuna Mayo sandwhich from Delifrance. I read that may not be so good for pregnant women due to mercury content? Is that true?

    4. I'm currently 13 Weeks and 6 days, ending first trimester.. Am I supposed to be showing yet? Or is it just gas... Baby was 7 cm exactly one week ago. Is it big enough to show this week?
  2. Jofeny

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    3. Ya best to avoid bigger sized fish like tuna (reason being, the bigger fish is at the highest of the food chain n hence, their diet might consist of many other fish/prawns which eat stuff that consist high mercury too.) some doc advise against mayo too cos it consist of raw eggs. So depends on how strict u wan your diet to be.

    4. Showing of tummy? My tummy only shows a little bump during 4th month.
  3. Huh!! Darn it!! I was craving tuna tooo :(
  4. Jofeny

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    First trimester try to avoid totally bah. After that eat in moderation. I eat too, like once a month? Or every 2-3 weeks. Subway tuna. :)
  5. lizasaifi

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    Hi Melanie
    I can't answer ur first 2 questions but maybe can help with d last 2. :)

    3. U can eat tuna but in moderation of coz. No harm in eating as long as u dun overeat tuna or too often. As for mayo from wat I know they use ready made mayo which is made from pasteurised egg like those u can find in supermarkets. I had eaten delifrance sandwiches a few times during my 1st tri n all is well. D keywords here is in moderation. :)

    4. When I was 13 weeks tummy didn't show anything. Furthermore I'm on d plus size. U may feel dat ur tummy is bloated at d end of d day n u can see a slight roundedness. And then in d morning u become flat again n d roundedness had disappeared like how i had felt at dat point. I read somewhere it's cuz of ur bowels. Wait until u reach 17 weeks or so. It all depends on d individual woman though n her size. Different woman carry differently. :D

    Well hope my answers help even though it's not much. ;)
  6. Jofeny and lizasaifi - Eat in moderation! Got it. Awww, I can't wait till my tummy's showing. I think it'll make it more 'real' for me and hubby :)

    Oh yes! Regarding sleeping arrangements,

    Do you experienced mummies reccommend a wooden cot? or a 3 in 1 playpen (with attachable bassinette and changing table). Wooden cot doesnt look very safe... and it's hard (bumps) while the playpen looks soft... but not sure if that's what baby needs. The cot/playpen will be beside my bed at night as I don't trust myself with sleeping with baby (suffocation fear) and the whole independance/ seperation anxiety issue.
  7. hello fellow mummies!

    i juz found out i was pregnant.. my first time being a mother.. and i can already feel all the discomfort..
    i read online it's due to the change in hormones in my body...

    but i feel lethagic and had bloated stomach.. cant really eat much but i worry my baby wont have enough food..
    anyone in the same situation as me?
  8. lizasaifi

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    Hi everyone! I've got a few questions to ask. I'm 21 weeks pregnant wif my 1st child.

    1) now that my feet are expanding, wat kind of shoes/brand is most suitable n comfortable to wear? I work in d retail line n need to walk a lot during working hrs. My present shoes are getting a little tight.

    2) when does ur belly button 'pop out'? Mine is still d same even though i'm already 21 weeks. I read in books n apps dat belly button will 'pop out' ard this time.

    3) I would like to breast feed my baby. Any recommended breast pump?

    Thanks in advance! :)
  9. Purple - YES! I was exactly in the same boat! Haha, my first child too. I'm STILL experienceing lethargy even though I'm on my 2nd trimester, it's supposed to fade away for most, guess it's payback for not having Morning sickness for me.

    Don't worry about your baby not having enough to eat. Mostly, babies get their nutrients from you. So if you have enough folic acid, vitamins and calcium in your system, the baby should be fine. Take care of yourself more as exhaution and morning sickness can really drain a person, eat what and when you feel like, dont force yourself to eat when you don't want to. Some say it's your body's way of telling you what it needs and what it doesnt.

    In 2nd trimester, your appetite should increase... dramatically. My stomach's been real loud and embarrassing... in the middle of a meeting it growled. real loud. everyone laughed :) HAHA.

    So don't worry, your baby will be fine, like my doctor calls them "perfect parasites". Take care of the host's body.
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  10. liza- I can only answer question no. 1 :( I wish to find answers to question 2 and 3 too!!

    Crocs is one of the comfiest line of shoes around. No, not the ugly neon coloured holey ones. Crocs streamline collection. I'm currently 15 weeks and am able to only fit into clothe material flats when the afternoon rolls around.

    My colleague who's on maternity leave now wore crocs streamline all the time. They're not ugly, not the most glamours, acceptable for work but most importantly, they're comfy! Being in retail, hope your boss understand the need for comfy shoes above rigid shoes. My colleague buys about 1 size bigger due to further expansions in the afternoon.
  11. Asphere

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    hello all, i am not 1st time mom but can answer qns 3 as qns 2 i nv experienced that :)i am using the freestyle medela pump. :) easy to use. keke
  12. asphere: ur belly never popped?! oh, didnt know that was possible. :) learned something new. Do you know why some pops and some dont?

    freestyle medela pump. How much is it?

    Oohhh, my location: soon to be sengkang. hahahaha. new flat?
  13. Asphere

    Asphere Active Member

    yup my belly button nv pop out leh... :) no idea why . i also do not have swollen feet then :)praying this time round no such issue too.i bought it online ard $400+ str from usa but there is no warranty. so it is a risk. :) try online and see if there are ppl buying in bulk. it is always cheaper.
  14. mskyliee

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    When I was pregnant last y year, I wore crocs thru out the whole period... it's really comfy and it's totally safe as in it won't get slippery so quickly. As for belly button, mine didn't pop out either.. pretty worried at that time, but I goggled realized that it's nothing unusual.... then as for breastpump,my hubby bought medela swing for me after I complain that avent single electric is not good... well, seriously prefer medela....
  15. Medela seems like a good choice!

    msky- Did you wear crocs streamline? or the first generation one? Also, was there a sweaty feet issue with non-clothe shoes like crocs?
  16. Tannie

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    My advise is to get double pump thou more expensive but u will not regret. I regret getting single one..
  17. mskyliee

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    Streamline edition is what kind? Either I'm wearing crocs slippers or mary Jane shoes... think most importantly u have to be comfy cos as the tummy gets bigger, must get a pair of shoes that are comfy to walk in...
  18. msky- Steamline are the ones fit to wear to work, design wise/

    tannie- what's the diff between double pump and single pump?

    Where do you mummies buy maternity clothes? just normal stretchy bigger dresses from "normal shops" or literally maternity dresses? I heard loads of people buy their dresses from forever 21 and this fashion... And what should we look out for when buying maternity bras?
  19. Tannie

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    Single pump can only pump each breast at a time, double pump can pump both at a time. U will save a lot of time... Time is very precious when u r taking of ur baby... Beside some time ur milk will leak when u are pumping one side, having double pump will prevent wastage. It will be even more helpful if u decided to continue pumping when u are back to work.
  20. Tannie

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    As for maternity dress, depends on ur budget... U can get nice one but costly... U can wear normal dress if u can fit in. My tummy not very big so I get those lose dresses.

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