Flashcards for babies


Hi mummies, would like to know what flashcards you all buy and from where?
How do you teach baby with flashcards?



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Good day l.... you may drop-by to check out our media. Great esl e-flashcards resource for child educators, group, mummies, and more.


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Zoey Kasey

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HI, I bought the brillkids Deluxe set ( Little Reader and Little Maths) when my daughter was about 1. Very impressed with the quality of the materials , especially the books which has a flap to cover the pictures so your child would focus on the words

Advantages of the system include having a set curriculum so you dont need to plan which cards to flash to your kids.
Disadvantages include early exposure to a computer set.

You may want to use brillkids coupon code BKAFF79726 to get a 20% discount off your purchase.