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    My son is 10 years old. He claims his feet very painful recently. Does he have flat feet? Please help! :err:
  2. obscurestloh

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    i have flat feet...and its only in recent years that it caused discomfort.

    i suggest u get a referral letter from polyclinic to see a specialist..nothing major, no need surgery

    but what the specialist can do is custom make an insole for his shoes, help to correct the flat feet if possible

    too bad im too old to "change'...but for kids still possible.

    i got mine done at Changi Hosp..
    also get a letter from doc to excuse from Running and Skipping

    swimming and cycling are good enough for him
  3. Daddy D

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    Next time go server NS, confirm can downgrade liao.... no need to cheong hills... no need take IPPT :)


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    Thanks for your advise. May I know how much for your insole done at Changi Hosp? I know there is a shop called "2.ft" in IMM also provide custom-fitted insole but I think it is quite expensive. And I know that the insole must be changed every few months. Am I right? THX
  5. obscurestloh

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    i dont remember the exact amount

    but inclusive of the cast making.... i think it shld be about 200SGD to 250SGD...takes about 2 weeks cos the lab is in australia

    so the medical officer in CGH will do the fitting, send the mould over then the nurse will call u to collect

    then there will be followup appointment to check on wear and tear...
    how the insole is worn off is determined by the flat feet's condition

    for myself, the insole helped me only a little. other times, it was abit painful. so i rather wear the original sports shoes insoles...more comfy

    but like i said, ur child's case, he's young...can correct
    else like me...old problems heheheh

    but remember, for now, try to get MC for strenuous running/activities in schools....nono for track n field!

    as for how often change the insoles, depend on the wear and tear

    and of course each time, a cast will be made
  6. JWJY mummy

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    Hi, my son has flat foot. He is 8 this year. I brought him to polyclinic, request a referral letter to KK Hospital.

    The therapist at KK got my son the insole, not as expensive as the custom-fitted sold outside. if I am not wrong, cost $20 to $30 plus. Follow up with every 6 months review. As their feet will grow, the insole needs to be replaced. So my advise, go to polyclinic get the referral letter.
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  7. Wayne's Mama

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    how then u know they have flat feet?

    i brought my son for foot reflex and the massager say my son's feet is quite flat... but not TOTALLY flat yet.....

    need to see doc?

    he definitely can't run that's for sure..... slow like tortoise
  8. Ah Loy

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    You can bring him to a feet specialist someone like a podiatrist. They not only make insole, they also guide how children should walk. I find Orchard clinic very good! The doctor said no one is too old for treatment.

    Hope this helps
  9. Flatfeet

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    Hi, i just had a pair of custom made insoles for myself in Orthotics Lab Singapore and it is really comfortable. They got the latest technology and they have the most comprehensive range of materials compared to others. I have such great fun selecting the materials. Within a week, i got the insoles. So happy!!! The insoles i got for myself is really soft and comfortable.

    Having a flat feet for years without knowing it until one day, i have heel pain. That is when i got my first pair of insoles in year 2009 in a public hospital. After wearing insoles, my feet does not hurt anymore. Moreover, my posture is more upright when walking. So pretty much, i am very used to having insoles and cannot walk without it.

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