flu n sore throat!! help

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mummy' started by MamaDT, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. MamaDT

    MamaDT Member

    Hi ladies,

    Anyone has any cure for flu, sore throat? Cough coming soon. Yellow phlegm and ear blocked coz of the blocked nose... Arghhhh

    Fall sick in second trim is such a sad thing....

    Thanks for advice in advance!
  2. purpur

    purpur Member

    Boiled chinese pear n drink .
  3. ftlad

    ftlad Member

    It's better to seek advice from a doctor. Don't self-medicate.
  4. Alisa

    Alisa Active Member

    drink more plain water and rest early.
  5. Katherine57

    Katherine57 Member

    Why not consult a doc?? Better not self-medicate
  6. wenqiu

    wenqiu New Member

    please visit a doctor, most probably u will be prescribe antibiotics safe for pregnancy. u can drink lots of water, rest more , if u want to avoid doctor. but before u consume / self medicate, please check its safe or not.
  7. graceelynn

    graceelynn New Member

    Currently at 34 weeks with massive sore throat and dry cough. Obgyn prescribed me sedilix dm linctus cough syrup yesterday and told me to continue with danzen tablets that were given by my the GP on Monday night. Don't think the danzen is working though as phlegm has turned green and with stuffy ears. Chlorpheniramine was also prescribed to help the flu. Gynae say all safe to take during pregnancy.
  8. audreymania18

    audreymania18 Member

    Gargle with salt water... dont anyhow take mediciation especially with flu and cough... also dont overtake vitamin C best is see gynae doctor, they will have medicine.. i took the PI PA GAO to sooth my throat...
  9. MamaDT

    MamaDT Member

    Thanks mummies! =) I have seen my gynae during appt finally and have been prescribed with medicine ^^

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