Fortune-telling. Did it work for you?


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Date of birth or horoscope are needed when you visit an astrologist as far as I know I might be mistaken though but I know that all fortune-tellers are really different and sometimes strange)


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Hi mummies,
It's almost half a year since my first tarot session. I can say that it brings positive changes, I've started to be interested in spiritual practises and good energy flows.
I've made good resonates with my husband, so now it's comfortable to be together.


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Hello ladies! Just noticed it's been a year since my fist Tarot reading consultation. Well, so many things have changed, luckily.

So sorry for my late answers in pm. Think better to answer here in thread.

- can you advice the contact of Alice Grace?

- Does she do numerology?
Well, I think no. But when the baby was born we consulted about the name, we prepared a list of names and she tested which one is best for the baby, that will bring fortune and good luck. I appreciate that she has an individual approach and would try to resolve your question and give solutions how to help with it.

- Can she help to conceive?
That's hard to answer. One of my friends who had problems now is pregnant, I know she made some changes with her energy body.

- What are the fees?
She tells that Tarot readings are on donation basis. So I send her money in advance and then waiting for the Reading. For some practises with Energy flow there is a fixed price around $150-300, which I think is a very good price for such services.


Hi gaja, u mean she don't meet up with us in person for the first session? Just need to email her only? Is she able to tell exactly how many kids we will have and by which age? And also whether our current career can excel or need to change job and financial etc? Is she those type whereby will ask u to buy from her something ( like those expensive items) or contribute for some 法事 in order to make our wish come true?


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Anyone want to know more about their love life, career or children's matter through tarot card reading? I've personally don't do any health reading, only email reading for now. Interested, pls pm me, thanks.


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and in gaja's case, it was just a coincidence.
but that's my opinion though. I might not be right. maybe if I see one more testimony then I might patronize her too