Founder and CEO of a startup, volunteer at centers, private tutor to kids! Hi all! :)

Hi all mummies!

I'm Ying, Founder and CEO of a education startup. Won't bore you with details but we're in the education industry, very exciting stuff to happen :)

I'm here to help with topics related to education and kids, and to also give you some ideas in ways to better structure your tuition classes or sessions where you sit down with your child to work with them on their homework or revision. I've been a private tutor during my poly and uni days, and after graduation decided to run a startup with the aim to allow everyone globally to have access to 21st century education. I believe the same for Singapore and the future generation too.

P.S: If you're currently seeking someone to prepare your child for the future through 21st-century teaching methodologies, please feel free to reach out to me as I do take students from time to time :)