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    Sign up with our tutor now and get to enjoy free access to our past year paper portal. Every dollar spend will earn you point to be accumulate and exchange for voucher. We have over 14,000 of tutors available in our database to meet your requirement. We teach from kindergarten to JC level! Enjoy 20% discount for EPB assessment and deliver to your door step. All you need to do is to contact me now and I will link you up with the most desirable tutor to meet your need. FYI, our tutor are either MOE registers, used to be teacher or full/part time tutor with great experience. Good thing are meant to be share around. Exam is coming so do not wait further. Contact me at 83383986.
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    Good thing are meant to be share around. Let me know if you have any friend or relative looking for home tutor for their kids.

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