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It is easy to find maths tutor who is highly paper qualified in Singapore nowadays, but definitely it is very difficult to find maths tutor who really can teach, because knowing the subject well by yourself is easy but not teaching. You really need to been through what the students have been through in order to understand them, so that you are able to teach them the level which they can understand. Therefore, a maths tutor who has failed Maths, able to overcome all odds to score 'A', is the best maths tutor to teach your child, because such maths tutor can help students to overcome the psychological barrier in achieving 'A' in Maths. If such barrier is not removed, the maths genius genes in your child can never be unleashed. No matter how good a maths tutor can teach will be useless if the barrier is not removed.

If you are seriously looking for such maths tutor who is giving maths tuition. There is one in Singapore who has been through all odds to achieve 'A' in Maths for himself as well as helping others. He has numerous testimonials to prove that he truly has the ability to remove the psychological barrier of any child, to activate his or her maths genius genes, to achieve 'A' in Maths. The best part of his maths tuition is he never drill students with tons of maths questions. He believes that LESS is MORE.

He has been giving maths tuition since 1995, and opened his 1st maths tuition centre in 2003. Due to his uniqueness in teaching maths, his maths tuition centre has won many awards. He doesn't just teach maths but mentoring his students to prepare them for the future in society. That is why he has so many students become his friends for over a decade. To find out more, visit www.filomaths.com. For PROMO Rates, www.filomaths.blogspot.com. For His Maths Tuition Facebook Page, goto www.facebook.com/MSfilomaths