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  1. On 08 Aug 2009, I decided to go to Fresver beauty for a facial. After it was done, the staff pestered and persuaded me to sign a package worth $2675. Even after my card was swiped,I asked if they could cancel the transaction because I need the money to pay for my children’s
    Insurance policies but they said no. As I have not started using the package, and I do not wish
    to continue with Fresver due to their hard selling tactic, I want them to cancel my packageand instruct my bank (Standard Chartered) to reverse the $2675.

    This was the report that I have typed for the Small Claims Tribunal:

    • The staff has been calling me to book appointment for the unused facial treatments and I went to the salon on 08/08/2009 for my treatment.
    • Due to my skin condition, I requested for a better facial treatment. Hence they recommended me to do XPL facial treatment by topping up a few hundred dollars.
    • After the facial treatment, I was brought to a room and was served with a drink.
    • The staff persuaded me to take up the package and kept reducing the number of treatments to make it attractive when I rejected her.
    • After much persuasion and persistence, I gave her my credit cards for payment.
      After giving her my credit cards, I realized that I have made a mistake as I am making payments for my sons and my insurance policies premiums using the credit cards.
    • I requested her to cancel the transaction after explaining my reason but she lied that the arrangement could not be done.
    • After signing the invoice and the credit card slips with anger, I called the bank immediately and the CSO explained that I would raise a dispute with the merchant but could only be done 2 working days later.
    • I reported the incident to the bank on 12/08/2009 and got a reply on 03/09/2009 that it was unsuccessful as the credit card slips as been signed.
    • I then approached CASE for help and gave the merchant up to 11/09/2009 to settle the issue with me.
    • However, the merchant is unable to provide a satisfactory reply up to date.

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