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  1. joanneang

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    Hello fellow mums,

    First of all, I wish to announce that I've given birth to a cute baby boy on the 27th of May.

    But my paediatric informed me the next night that my baby boy had G6PD deficiency. Actually I don't have a clue what exactly is that. The doc explained that my baby boy will have certain drug allergies and cannot eat certain food for a lifetime!! I'm not sure what kind of drug exactly but I acknowledged that my boy can't take beans-related food, any Chinese medicine and cannot smell or be near to moth-balls. He also have to stay in hospital for a couple of days more for further observation of jaundice.

    Can anyone advise me further on this G6PD deficiency issues? What are the exact kind of food/things he must avoid? Anywhere I can get more information?

    My sis-in-law told me that his boy, who is 7year old currently, also have G6PD deficiency. She claimed that it is nothing serious, as it is neither a disease nor any physical impairment.
  2. paperger85

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    In a nutshell, he will not be able to take Broad beans other than that, most foods are actually alright. You will also need to mention to the PD or GP that he is visiting that he has G6PD deficiency so that they will prescribe drugs that cause hemolysis. As for chinese medication, we are unsure of its drug components, so its better to avoid.
  3. kams

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    Hello joanneang,

    My husband, my 2nd son & my 3rd son have G6PD deficiency. My daughter & I are carriers(1 of our XX-chromosome has the recessive gene). Only my 1st son does not have this condition. Becoz of this, all my babies were discharged 8-10 days after birth, for monitoring purpose & becoz of jaundice.

    When ur baby is discharged from the hospital, u'll be given a pamphlet on G6PD def which states specifically what drugs to avoid . Anyway, when visiting any doc/pharmacy, just inform the doctor/pharmacist abt this & they'll know what drugs to avoid giving.

    Make sure ur house if free of mothballs. Anybody holding ur baby shd not have mothball smell on their clothes(usually old people still use mothballs).

    Take note of dishes that contain broad beans. I know of 1 malay dish that has broad beans. The dish is called Kacang Pool. Anyone knows of other dishes? If u bf ur baby, u might wanna avoid broad beans too. Just to be on the safe side.

    Hope this helps. :)
  4. joanneang

    joanneang Member

    Thanks for your detailed info. I'm really worried about my boy:(
  5. joanneang

    joanneang Member

    Hi Kams,

    Thank you. Appreciate your reply :)
  6. apollo

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    babe, i dunno much abt G6PD but i do noe tt id he is G6PD deficiency, he CANNOT take those jin feng shan or bao yin dan thingy. those chi medi powder. u must take note of tt cos elderly lik to feed bb all these. =)
  7. Pamper

    Pamper Member

    the Jing Feng San that i bought from Eu Yan Seng stated :"This product is not to be taken by infants suffering from G-6-PD deficiency."
    i din know wat is G6PD too.. until i read this threads.. ^^ maybe u can consider avoiding chinese medicine totally for him.. i scared like some medical hall don even know wat is G6PD or maybe a new staff 1st day work den not familiar n jus tell u can eat or anything like that then it could cause serious complications.. better don risk..
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  8. kams

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    Since i bf my babies, i oso didn't take any of the Jamu(traditional med) pills that were recommended by massage lady. Best is to stay away from traditional meds if u r not sure of the ingredients.
  9. jetzie

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    Hi peepz.

    i recently became a father of a cute baby boy, but doc informed me that he is a g6pd baby.

    just wish to know if besides mothballs, are there any other things he cannot touch smell or go near? my parents do use baygon, i know that babies cannot go smell that, but what i mean is can we use it altogether?
  10. Alisa

    Alisa Active Member

    the main big NO is Broad bean & moth ball. Some western med also cannot. If really need to give TCM, need to check with the doc 1st. other than that, they are just like a normal baby.
  11. lasery2k

    lasery2k Member

    my husband is also G6PD but lucky my son is not...the things tt need to avoid is mainly as mention above are broad beans n moth balls...another 1 which every 1 misses out is sulphur...this is contain in all red wines...so need to bear in mind when they reaches ault age need to avoid drinking wine...
  12. Alisa

    Alisa Active Member

    recently i read that sulphur cannot too but didnt know sulphur is in wine le! then they cannot even touch wine lor.. so sad...
  13. lasery2k

    lasery2k Member

    Ya. . Jus have to take note loh. White n crystal wine i think okie. Its the red n dark wine tt contsins high sulpher. But anyways jus becareful loh
  14. mskyliee

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    My family has a history of G6PD... we only got to know of this when my sis is Pregnant few years back... but before that, we live normally... tho my mom emphasized of no broad beans and moth balls... so whenever we eat can beans, my siblings and I will be careful. My bro can go to the extend of cannot eat nuts that are mixed with broad beans... but other than that, we r okay. Wine and alcohol are okay as well.. but be careful than be sorry, still got to watch out. Still, at the end of the day, we r still normal kids.

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