Gestational diabetes???

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by daberdew, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. daberdew

    daberdew Member

    Hi mummies,

    I have been diagnosed with GDM around 12 weeks. Been controlling my diet to avoid insulin jabs. But during my last checkup, despite ok readings, the diabetes specialist wants me to start insulin as I am not putting on weight. Was upset ans stressed. Till now, I have nt started the jabs.

    one question though, the post reading is 2 hrs after your meal or 2 hrs from the start of your meal? Feeling depressed at the moment. Does not help that I am down with flu.

    appreciate any comments!
  2. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    you need to take reading before meal and then 2hrs after meal. so that you can comparing to see how your body is handling the sugar
  3. singaporeclinic

    singaporeclinic New Member

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  4. creamm

    creamm New Member

    Hi daberdew,

    I understand your stress and intentions as you wish to control your diet instead of keep injecting insulin.

    But at this point in time, you also should consider your baby's health as the top priority.

    Insulin is most safe for the baby than medicine.
    U cannot diet when you are pregnant as the baby needs carbo to grow normally.
    As the baby grows, you need to put on weight normally too. U cannot diet to this and insulin can help u.
    Yes, readings are pre-meal, and 2 hours after each meal.

    Try to accept insulin jabs, as this is the best arrangement for your baby.
  5. daberdew

    daberdew Member

    Am 26 weeks now. Readings ok. Did not put on as much weight as normal pregnancy does but gynae says baby size is fine hence the reason why I do not want to start insulin.

    Have been eating normally just cutting carbo. Did not let myself starve.
  6. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    if everything ok why they still want you to start on insulin ?
  7. patsie

    patsie Member

    You should check wif your Gynea y he/ she wants u 2 start on the insulin jab.

    D doc must have a valid reason y... Try 2 ask n learn more. When I was preggy wif DD, my reading was borderline, so my Gynea sent me 2 a dietician. Doc told me if I do as d dietician says, den mayb I can avoid insulin jabs. I went n did most of wat d dietician said.

    If you have any doubts, u can probably ask your doc if changes to your diet will help instead of d insulin jabs.
  8. Joeychen85

    Joeychen85 Member

    I gt tis during my #1 pregnancy . I jus did diet control , no insulin needed . I did not put on much weight tru out d pregnancy . I gain bout less den 10 kg for my 1st pregnancy . Didnt do daily reading too , only did d sugar lvl check during my ech check up .
  9. creamm

    creamm New Member

    Just continue to monitor your sugar regularly and all the best! =)
  10. daberdew

    daberdew Member

    rationale was for me to eat more to gain weight. Tried to argue but he was insistent that I start insulin though at low amt (abt 4units for dinner once a day).

    did not find the reason strong enough. SighsSighs
  11. creamm

    creamm New Member

    The doctor wants you to eat more and gain weight which is what your growing baby needs.

    Doctors always want the baby to grow normally, and discourage dieting or cutting carbo.
  12. mangocollon

    mangocollon New Member

    Hi daberdew, i share your pain. Am also diagnosed with GD before week 12 and having been controlling my diet till now at week16.
    Gynae mentioned that she is afraid that it will get worst in later trimester and also if weight gain is not ideal will need insulin so that I can eat more.

    So far for the post meal 2 hrs measurement i have beeing measuring after eating. But today i read from internet that it is 2 hours after start eating.
    Maybe i will try this for a few readings and see how.
    Blood Glucose Levels: Testing and Normal Range
  13. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    didnt your gynae tell you when to and how to test ? usually it is before meal test.. and then 2hrs after meal test
  14. mangocollon

    mangocollon New Member

    ya gynae mentioned before and 2 hrs after meals test which I followed

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