GG 3yo, N1 kids


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Hi, my boy is gg 3yo, currently jus started N1! is there any extra classes for him? or its too early to start right now? please advise!!!


no it's not too early. some started at an even younger age! my boy started Growing Up Gifted @ 18mth. when he's n1, he has Little Einstein class (science). he's n2 this yr & he's starting piano lesson (keyboard only cos he's still very young to play actual piano) with drama & speech classes following. too stressed? no cos the lessons r conducted thru fun learning, not those stick in the mud lesson where a child has to memorised this & that. he enjoyed his science. Piano & drama has not started yet but i will observe his behaviour & decide if he can take it or not. if he's too moody & stressed, i will drop the class
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Mrs Hung

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will not recommend Growing up Gifted
sent my kid there, they seem more interested in your money than your kid
agree with other parents, receptionist is terrible, not interested and rude
teachers seem not interested, met the owner, very proud and aloof