Ginger Coke -- Treatment drink for Flu???

Discussion in 'Cooking discussion' started by Lils Precious, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Lils Precious

    Lils Precious Member

    Hi anyone know hw to make ginger coke? isit jus shred some ginger and boil with coke? really can cure flu? any other method of drink or food that can cure flu without talking any pills!
  2. sugarcookie

    sugarcookie Active Member

    I've heard of this ginger coke remedy. Apparently, you are supposed to add ginger to cold coke.

    I have no idea if it works though.

    But seriously, if you are having flu and it's been a few days, it is probably a bacterial infection and you will need medication.
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  3. mommie_lynn

    mommie_lynn New Member

    Hi, I dont know how to make ginger coke but I heard that we can leave an onion in the room of the person who is sick and that onion will 'suck' in the bacteria or germs in the room. Not sure if it is true. Drinking warm water regularly helps too. :)
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  4. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    yup heard of it but nebber tried before

    apparently has to boil coke with ginger in it

    always see tat being shown in hongkong TVB dramas lolsss
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  5. Lils Precious

    Lils Precious Member

    ya suppose to hv medication but currently staying in china.. so hv to go hospital but as u know.. nw the H1N1 is so serious over here and it better to avoid going hospital.... haha.. so rather to try out so method...
  6. dolphin_101

    dolphin_101 Member

    Boiled Coke is meant for cough not flu :). Not sure if this is effective cos never try. I usually do my diy massage techniques for that particular issue n get better.

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