Girdle - which brand is good?

Discussion in 'Intimate Apparels' started by Mum2Matty, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Mum2Matty

    Mum2Matty Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Which brand of Girdle is good and how much did you pay?

  2. mae

    mae Active Member

    wacoal girdle...sorry but can't remember how much anymore...
  3. Mum2Matty

    Mum2Matty Member

    HI mae, issit soft or hard girdle?
  4. leey

    leey Member

    I think a softer one maybe better.
    just my own opinion!
  5. prettybb

    prettybb Member

    oh dear, after givien birth, i NEED to wear girdle man!
    i m using maidenform fleexee shapewear! really comfortable!
  6. ParasiteEve

    ParasiteEve New Member


    Do you know where i can buy one online?

    To use for after giving birth?

  7. prettybb

    prettybb Member

    what are you looking for? girdle? i joined spree at SMH forum for maidenform.
    after giving birth for one week, i wore ''benkong''. a traditional wrap w herbs on my tummy. it helps to flatens my tummy! really!!
    i lost alot of weight after that massage!
    but after 2-3mths later started to gain again... hahaha
    i dun used girdle right after birth, cos girdle is expensive hor.. having heavy flow during postnatal n of cos i dun used 1 panty for one whole day.. i used corset to hold my tummy..a disposable panty..
    i still need to wear girdle after no more flow my tummy is still jelly like!!! ewww!
    but after a while tummy ok already...but i cnt leave the house w/o girdle!
    helps you to look good. really..:001_302:
  8. ParasiteEve

    ParasiteEve New Member


    yeah.. i'm looking for something like bengkung actually. Did someone help you with that or did you do that yourself? Do you know which type to buy & do i really need a special massage with that?

    I'm in Perth but my mum is coming to help me out after i give birth. So basically anything that needs to be bought in Singapore, she can buy for me & bring it over.

    I did use something like a wrap on my tummy after i gave birth to my first DS. But i ditched it after a few days. I had emergency C-section and together with the bengkong it made my life a living hell! Takes 1/2 hour just to get up from the bed!!

    But i dunno if its the right one or not. :(
  9. prettybb

    prettybb Member

    oh for bengkong, i can't do it myself, think WE can't do ourselves. i tried but it was really difficult.:nah: that's y i only wore bengkong for only a week. (where the massage lady wore it for me)after that i wore a corset, after my ''period'' was over i used girdle.

    for bengkong you can ask your mum to buy from my massage lady. think she told me she got it somewhr in arab st.. which cost abt $10-$20 depending on what size..need to get 2 sizes as after bengkong you will loose weight..
    first few days i was L size(for the bengkong), after 3days, my size was M!!
    i looked like a pin-up girl.:Dancing_wub:
    yeah you know, after giving birth ''assets'' are so huge! then slim waist!!
    but not for long though, i gained weight after 2mths .... :shyxxx:
  10. corrinne

    corrinne Member

    I perfer to wear LipoContour Undergarment. It is something like girdle, but it performs additional micro-massage feature where the fabric will massage the skin when you move.

    Comfortable and effective!

    Can find the product at

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