Good Anti Acne Products to recommend?


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Hi Mummies, I used to have comedones, big pores, sensitive and dry skin and it got worse after i gave birth. After i gave birth, i change into a set of skincare which i saw alot of good reviews online. This set of skincare is a life saver, it improves my skin, cleared up my comedones and pimples, pore is less visible and skin more hydrated and radiance. i do not go for facial or laser anymore as this skincare is good enough for me. My friends saw my skin improve so much and become nicer and they also start to use this skincare. U can PM me if you want to know more.


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Hey fellow Singaporeans, I came across this new telegram community @sgskincarehelp dedicated for skincare advice for those living in hot and humid Singapore. Its quite new but any interested can join, ask questions or share advice! I personally haven't found anything similar for Singapore on telegram, thought it might be helpful for some of us


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Not a product but you can try laser acne treatments or do chemical peels to reduce acne scars. You can look for Dr Leo Kah Woon if you're near Mt E.