Good Lactation Consultant to recommend?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by Starbat11, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    Dear mummies, I am having difficulty latching my baby on. I suspect that its due to incorrect latching.

    I gave birth at TMC in late July 09. The nurses are v busy and have no time to ensure that I latched my baby correctly. I went back to TMC to get help after I was discharged. They told me to get a breastfeeding support pillow and nipple shield and kept asking me to look at illustration on hw I should latch my baby. In the end, the lactation consultant got pek chek on how come I still cldnt latch baby on. I was frustrated as well.

    Following that, I have not gone back for help. I have been pumping exclusively for my baby. However, I really do want to have that bonding session with my baby. I am v envious of mummies who are able to latch their babies successfully.

    Could someone give me an advice or recommend me a patient lactation consultant who wont give up on me? My bb is 2 months old. I hope its not too late...
  2. cmeilim

    cmeilim Active Member

    Call Ms Doris Fok at 9638 7660. She is one of the founding members of Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group and also the first certified Lactaction Consultant in Singapore. She runs a private consultancy and is also a researcher on breastfeeding based at NUH. She helped me latch my baby properly when my baby was one month old and we've never looked back since. =) She's really friendly, patient, humorous and knowledgeable as she nursed all her three (I think it's three) kids for several years. I still remember and still remain touched by her encouraging words to me when I was struggling with sore nipples and an impatient newborn.
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  3. eileenpxp

    eileenpxp New Member

    do try mount alvernia hospital's lactation consultant....bit fierce aunty..but she is very experienced ....i solved my problem after 1 session with her:)
    think her name is try calling mount alvernia hospital hotline...good luck!:wong29:
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  4. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    You can try Yen Ping from KKH. Call KKH's main line... :)
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  5. Lynnie

    Lynnie Member

    Mrs Wong Boh Boi from TMC. I attended her ante natal class, seems very experienced and knowledgeable. But think her consultation fees not cheap...
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  6. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    Dear all, thanks for the recommendations. Mrs Doris Fok came dwn to help me latch my boy. She couldnt do so as well. Told me that my boy has developed a strong preference for bottle. All in all, i have zero chance of being able to latch my boy. :embarrassed:
  7. Lynnie

    Lynnie Member

    Hmmm.. not sure if you want to try this method. My girl was in hospital for a week and she also developed strong preference for bottle... Initially she refused to latch on at all.
    What i did was i fed her with a bottle, then while she was happily sucking, i took it away and replace it with my nipple. I tried a few times, and she stopped crying after a while and began to latch on.
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  8. Has anyone have probs with KK lactation consultant? Mine is not really a prob. Just that i call the main line to connect me to a lactation consultant, i have to leave my no. with them and the operator will sms the lactation consultant but no one get back to me while i waited for the whole day.
  9. Hi Starbat11,

    how much is Mrs doris consultation fee?
  10. isabelandrew

    isabelandrew Active Member

    PLEASE call Sister Kang. I personally LIKE her ALOT! You need to find someone who has passion. She sure does that!

    I got Sister Kang to visit me at least 3 times after I returned home. She came after work at Mt A. Help me to latch, answer my questions, teach me how to handle my bb, assist me when i need to go op when bb is just 3 mths. She even called me to follow up and encourage my hubby and me. Something I thought is beyond her job scope.

    She has lots of passion and can help mummies latch where some consulants cannot.

    After her visits, I used text her every other day and she replied my queries. I'm glad she came to visit me at my ward and gave me her business card ..

    PM me for her mobile number. Her number is actually publish on breastfeeding websites. Alternatively you can call Mount Alvernia and ask for Sister

    Such home visits are chargeable (<$100) but it is very useful. No restrictions to how much time she spent at each visit. The last time I remembered she was with me for at least 3 hours.... :p
    So spend this money if you need professional help....

    Good Luck!
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  11. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    Oh, it happened to me once out of sooo many times I called so I think it's ok. I think she was just too bz that day. Just call again the next day...
  12. nana mom

    nana mom New Member

    Hi. I totally agree with Isabel that Sister Kang Phaik Gaik from Mount Alvernia Hospital is the Person who will HELP Your Baby Latch!

    I used to work with Sister Kang and have seen her work wonders and miracles with mothers who have had problems from inverted nipples to baby not being able to latch on!

    Sister Kang is very experienced and kind and patient! She has the skills and the right attitude and techniques that she will impart to you to help you. She is a God Send to all the mothers! As I used to work in the Corporate Department (Public Relations), we used to receive so many letters and phone calls of thanks from mothers to praise Sister Kang for her dedication and hardwork.


    Call Sister Kang early in the morning around 8 plus at her direct line: 63476203 as she is always in early. If she is not around, leave a message in her voicemail. She will definitely call you back as soon as she can.


    Nana Mom
  13. isabelandrew

    isabelandrew Active Member

    Yes. she is God Sent!
    I found her number on the Mother & Baby magazine

    Hope to hear your success story later :)
  14. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    Hihi, as she couldnt help me latch my bb, she didnt charge me any consultation. She charged me $40 for transportation fees.
  15. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    Thank you so much. I tried to contact Sister Kang a week ago. She is on long leave =( and wont be back untill mid/late Oct. She told me that it might be a little late by then. She asked me to look for someone else to help me.:embarrassed:
  16. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    Hi, I tried this method and it worked. :tlaugh: Like you, I tried a couple of times and it finally worked. I was so so so happy. Thank you. Will contd to try.
  17. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    Oh ya, forgot about this mtd! Anyway, I just recalled there's another mtd if your bb is impatient with slow milk flow. You can try to pump a bit first till your letdown comes then quickly bring bb to the nipple to latch.
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  18. Lynnie

    Lynnie Member

    Happy for you that you can enjoy bf w baby cradled in your arms : )
    Persevere and don't give up! Gambate ne...
  19. isabelandrew

    isabelandrew Active Member

    u want to try latching when ur bb is super 'blur' like sleepy at night?
    this kind of time, they are not fussy :)

    so sad, sister kang on long leave. try to call Mrs Wong? contact breastfeeding mother support group?
  20. Starbat11

    Starbat11 Member

    My happiness is short lived ...My little one didnt want to latch on for the subsequent feeds. :embarrassed: Everytime I fail to latch my little one, I feel v disheartened and sad. Maybe I shld just heed Mrs Doris Fok advice to pump exclusively.

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