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  1. SCL

    SCL Alpha Male

    Hi All

    Staying in Sengkang and my BB is due Jan09 and now looking for a good nanny either in Sengkang, Punggol or Pasir Ris. Any good recommendation? If cannot find nanny, last resort will be infant care centre? Anyone know of any good IFC in Sengkang to recommend? But really sad to put my BB in IFC when he 3 months old........... Thanks so much!
  2. mrs chua

    mrs chua New Member

    hi, u still looking for babysitter??
    I'm staying at sengkang blk 291(opp compasspoint).
    please contact me if u haven't find a suitable nanny.
  3. Precious RK

    Precious RK New Member


    U still looking for nanny? I'm staying at Compassvale Walk (near Sengkang Pri Sch) Interested ls email me

  4. yvonne_ktw

    yvonne_ktw Member

    I went to search lots of infant care and found at compassvale bow blk 266 or 226 i forgot the multistorey carpark got the junior schoolhouse infant care.

    I'll be putting my son in on April. Maybe you can try to check it out?
  5. steven

    steven New Member

    Sengkang have 3 Faith educare center have infant care....

    More at

    Service Type Child Care Centre
    Address BLK 201A COMPASSVALE DRIVE #01-515 541201
    Telephone No. 68819751 Fax No. 68819751
    Email Address

    Institution Details
    Service Type Child Care Centre
    Address BLK 275A COMPASSVALE LINK #01-248 541275
    Telephone No. 64835909 Fax No.

    Institution Details
    Service Type Child Care Centre
    Address BLK 260D SENGKANG EAST WAY #01-468 544260
    Telephone No. 68814467 Fax No. 68814467
    Email Address
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  6. Ain Adam

    Ain Adam New Member

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  7. AugBoyz

    AugBoyz Member

    Try Children Discovery Centre @ Rivervale Crescent
    Tel 63159157

    My son is currently with this school and have been since he was 1yr old.
  8. Hi, I'm staying at compassave lane looking for a nanny, any recommend pls call me at 90693728.
  9. Hi, I'm staying at compassave lane , looking for a nanny any recomend pls contact me at 90693728.
  10. :Dancing_wub: Hi, I am looking for a good and experience nanny who is able to look after a newborn baby in Sengkang. Please reply to my thread if you are the nanny whom is staying in Sengkang whom are good and experienced I'm looking for.:shyxxx::blue:
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  11. kimifin

    kimifin New Member


    I am currently expecting my bb and would like to put her in IFC in Jan 2012.
    Is it too early to secure a place in an IFC near Buangkok MRT now?
    I shortlisted:
    1)My 1st skool (compassvale blk 269)
    2)Sparkletots (blk 270)
    3) Faith childcare

    So far, for 1), I've filled up a form and the P said that can only confirm vacancy nearer to Jan2012. I know that they are able to have a capacity of max 20 babies.
    My problem is, if by Jan2012, there is no space. Either I look for alternative, or extend my leave.

    for 2), they ask me to wait till I deliver, seems got vacancy easily, but is too far from my place.
    3) called them and not able to visit them, seems kind of messy.

    4)Junior schoolhouse, 266, dun like the environment.

    pls advise on the above or alternatives.
    Thanks all mummies!
  12. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    babysitter? i have on friend's mum who is a babysitter @ rivervale
  13. temari

    temari Member


    Im urgently looking for experience chinese nanny staying nearby my house at fernvale road to look after my 1 1/2 yr old baby son and probably my 2nd baby too in 2012.
    anyone has recommendation pls pm or email me at

    thank you.
  14. pooof!

    pooof! New Member

    I'm due end jan 2012 n urgently looking for good n experienced nanny to look after my newborn for one month (stay in). No need to cook just to look after newborn 24/7 for one mOnth. Must be hygienic and loving. We live in Blk 260 Sengkang east way opp Compasspoint. Pls pm me for my contact details. Pls recommend if hv Gd ones, thks!
  15. mengmeng

    mengmeng New Member

    Hi mummy,

    I'm looking for nanny at Seng KANG west fernvale. Anyone can recommend?
  16. buangkokmummy

    buangkokmummy New Member

    I just sent you an email, please take a look

  17. buangkokmummy

    buangkokmummy New Member

    Hi i sent you an email, please check thanks

  18. emman07

    emman07 New Member

    Hi mummies, I'm also urgently looking for reliable nanny or IFC for my 6th month old girl in fernvale, yck or serangoon area. Appreciate very much for any recommendation. Please pm me at

    Thanks in advanced.:tlaugh:
  19. lovepooh79

    lovepooh79 New Member


    Anyone can recommend a good infant care near central? Somewhere at Tiong Bahru, Vivo or chinatown? Thks

    Any idea how much does it cost?
  20. Ms Deng

    Ms Deng New Member

    hi, mummies. i am looking for reliable and experience nanny to take care of my little boy near compassvale lane. he is 6 months old now, i need someone to take care of him atfter september. i am staying at compassvale lane, apreciate very much for any recommendation. pls email me at: thanks very much

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