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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by edy, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. edy

    edy Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to MummySG

    Let’s get started on your new account
    If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact any of the moderator and we would more than happy to assist you.

    Have fun!
    Best Regards,
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  2. lfoo9668

    lfoo9668 New Member

    Sorry i am a slow. Can you guide me on how to send a intro email ?
  3. lfoo9668

    lfoo9668 New Member

    Thanks Edy for your reply
  4. muita0

    muita0 New Member

    new member

    :wong29:hi everyone , i am new here, i have adaughter 6 month old. it is wonderful to learn from mummys posted here.
  5. zara

    zara Member

    Hi! I'm zara. i still blur blur..can guide me along? how can do posting to intro my gdself... me blur n slow overhere at
  6. choco-cupcake

    choco-cupcake Member

    :tlaugh:Hello everyone I am new here. I have a 8 month old son. visit my blog } 1+1=3
  7. rumble bee

    rumble bee New Member

    Hi everyone, am new too. Still trying to figure out how to use the forum. How do we start a new forum. Btw, I have a 8 year old son & 1 year old daughter.
  8. JPJ

    JPJ New Member

    Hi all mummies!!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum & would like to check more on diaper issue. Currently, I;m using Huggies Dry & Comfort diapers on my son. Any good feedback on differences between Huggies & Pampers besides $$?:embarrassed:
  9. leey

    leey Member

    Re: Hi all mummies!!

    Glad to see you.:wong19:

    Maybe you go to the mummies cafe,
    they may know more on these branded products.
  10. need

    need Member

    hi all, another newbie here...
  11. peanutbutterbaby

    peanutbutterbaby New Member

    hello all,

    i am new to this and i'm also a first time mother.
  12. qngwn

    qngwn Alpha Male

    me too! newbie here haha.
  13. Member

    Hi everyone,
    i'm new here... i have a 2 YO son and now expecting a baby girl this Oct :)
  14. eelynn

    eelynn Member

    sori i m abit slow wif tis. can u help me as to where do i go to intro myself??????
  15. eelynn

    eelynn Member

  16. helo.kity

    helo.kity New Member

    Hi, i am new here.. Have a 8 mth bb gal n expecting another bb gal tis Oct.. Hope to learn more.. Seems like a nice place to start here.
  17. Joey

    Joey New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new here, have a one year old son. Hope to know more mommy out there :tkaboom:
  18. preciousjovian

    preciousjovian New Member

    hi, mummies
    i new here, i have a 13months girl.
    happy to share experience here.....:shyxxx:

    Little Jovian
  19. fate963

    fate963 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. This is my first pregnancy after seeking TCM-traditional chinese medical treatment some 3 months ago.

    I'm only starting to learn about pregnancy and motherhood after discovering positive to pregnant 1 week ago. Gosh....there's whole lot to learn....and a whole lot more to deal with on the changes happening to my body and the little life inside me.

    Hope to chat more with mummies and daddies here.

    regards, fate963
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  20. bethedmund

    bethedmund New Member

    Hi THere TO all of you.. Hmmm I'm new here .....

    I jus got married this yr now got lots of stuff to learn and cope..and now trying for the bb project.

    Hope the Papas and Mamas here are able to advise me on that.

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