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  1. yummymummy

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    Hi mummies,

    I am 35 and my 1st baby was born with a severe genetic abnormality. The gynae didn't detect anything in the scans for 6 months! 2nd pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The gynae couldn't be contacted for advice cos "they don't give out their hp nos."

    Now looking for gynae who is:
    1) Experienced and careful in scanning for abnormalities
    2) Will do the detailed scan personally
    3) Will respond (v impt) and help me fast when there is an emergency (i.e. bleeding, miscarriage, other complications
    4) Experienced in amniocentesis (cos this time really need to know if there's genetic abnormality or not)

    Really appreciate any mummies experience with such a gynae...if there is one out there!
  2. ping26

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  3. yummymummy

    yummymummy Member

    thanks ping for the info.
  4. carrot^

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    Hi, Prof Biswas is prolly one of the best in SG for high risk and amniocentesis. Very professional, attentive and caring. Me and my wife is very happy with his service. U can read up more about him here.
  5. yummymummy

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    thanks carrot. Any others to recommend?
  6. carrot^

    carrot^ Alpha Male

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]Dr T C Chang at TMC is pretty good too. We went to him for 2nd opinion when we know our son is consider "high risk".[/FONT]
  7. jasobias

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    i think Dr tony Tan who used to be at KK n now at Raffles hospital cld be a choice.He does the detail scanning of all patients there n also sees patients.He was very careful in my scanning after i lost my baby last yr.U cld call the hospital n ask more abt his credentials or go to the website.Hope this helps
  8. yummymummy

    yummymummy Member

    thanks jasobias, will check him out.
  9. annloh65

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    I confirm that Dr Tony Tan is one of the few "scanning experts" !
  10. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    My gynae was Dr Peter Chew at GlenE. He delivers only at GlenE.

    He's a very experienced gynae but expect a long wait at the clinic even though you have an appointment.
  11. pinkpluspinky

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    Agree that dr Peter chew is a very experienced doctor. I had emergency c sect for my pregnancy but he very zai. But he also quite kiasu thru out my pregnancy. Alot of instructions given to me. But it's good or bad depends on how you see it.
  12. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    LOL! Yes! He is very very kiasu!!! Gosh... He didn't even allow me to go on a holiday... He say, go can, go Sentosa. :err:

    I also went through emergency c-sect. I like the way my wound heals. Hardly any scar. ;)
  13. CySnowboard

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