Gynae for twins


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I'm 13weeks pregnant with twins. This is my third pregnancy and my gynae for previous pregnancies has retired. I'm very worried about expecting twins since it's higher risk. Can someone recommend recommend me any good and reasonable priced gynae experience with twins and good with ceasarian. Thanks!


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Hi Winky, I gave birth to my twins safely in 2010. Was my third pregnancy too. :) My gynae is Prof Biswas at NUH.


Hi, i just gave birth in March with the help of my gynae Dr Jocelyn Wong from TMC. She is encouraging and caring and my twins have quite ideal weight at birth, 2.3 & 2.5 kg respectively.


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I gave birth to twin girls in March 2011 at 38 weeks. Girls were 2.4 kg each. My gynae is Dr Lisa Chin at Gleneagles.