Hair products for hair rebonding


What hair products (eg shampoo, conditioners, treatment cream) u use after you hv rebonded your hair?

What will u recommend and where u got them from? Expensive?

Cos i've juz rebonded my hair last week :001_302:


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usually the salon will recommend mah... dun really remember the brand...

for me I only use for ard 1mth then I stop liao, dun like the feeling... then change bk 2 normal shampoo...:001_302:


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All the while when I rebonded my hair I don't use all these hair products . Just normal shampoo + conditioner . I still manage to maintain my rebonded hair well and lasts for a long time .


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I think you can try Kerastase, it is worth the money. Just go to the salon selling this brand, and they will pick the right type of hair treatment for you. Hope it helps!:tlaugh:


I done soft rebonding 2-3 weeks ago, the hairdresser recommand the Loreal 1. the price i also forgot... i paid for 1 shampoo (free 1 bottle), 1 conditional) abt $78...
nowadays shampoo & conditional is enuf...