Hair Salon Environment

Yvonne Cheong

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mummies, I'm in my early 3rd trimester period, currently working as hairstylist.

lately I feel like very fast get tiring, can't stand long, need to sit down & work. Always wearing mask when working, feeling nausea every time if got customer doing hair perm or coloring, Digital Perm more worst, those perm & coloring lotion or ingredients.

What can I do, cannot stop customer doing those services, somemore I'm just a worker only, luckily my lady boss very understanding

mummies, need your advice. TIA.


sit down and cut hair is okay right? i seen some hair stylist sitting down and cut very often.

for the hair perm and colouring, i think best to ask someone to help u... no choice leh

Yvonne Cheong

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yep sitting down and cut hair is OK, that's what I'm doing nowadays.

really tired standing long hours, with big tummy when working, sometimes
baby inside really move a lot when doing hair perm or coloring, until need
to sayang sayang and talk to baby, mama want to do work, don't be so
naughty inside mama tummy, sometimes baby really give me a good kick too.

here, 3 people working only, me, lady boss and shampoo girl cum helper

shampoo girl mostly helping lady boss, normally I work alone