Have you been cheated or have you cheated?


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I personally encounter been cheated too and the worst thing is that the woman is my girl's kindergarten friend mom.

And this quote has deeply engrossed into my heart. I feel this is true in this world

"That girl you dumped, someone will eventually date her, perhaps marry her.
Another girl who has been dumped too will be yours.
It's a cycle"
Hi Chewysee,

Hope everything is better at this time. Congratulations for conceiving a baby boy, as it is such a wonderful gift. Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can!

Now, re the issue you brought up: about your partner conversing with a girl, for me, that is okay. what is NOT okay is when he justified that he only does that whenever you two fight. At this point, let us say, whenever you fight and you tell mean things to him, well, it is never okay to have an exchange of hurtful words, but he should be more considerate and patient...well, and more mature, because you are pregnant. It seems to me that he does that (talking to a girl) on purpose- to hurt you.

I may be wrong, but that's how it seems. I do not want to cause you more ill feelings, instead I am hoping that you are able to resolve this ASAP before your baby is born. Maybe the best thing to do, is to tell him frankly how that particular behavior of him affects you. No blaming, just pure conversation by two consenting and mature adults. Maybe if there is no nagging and no hurtful words involved, maybe you two will be able to communicate better and address not only this concern, but all concerns accordingly.

I am wishing you well and have a safe delivery!

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once a man married to a women, the only female soulmate he should have is the wife
provided the wife willing to be the soulmate to the husband... most of the time, when wife becomes mother, the husband no longer stays in the picture... I been through that and i know that...


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I like travelling to overseas very much especially with love ones. But recently I don't have this kind of feeling as my last trip happened to be I'm creating a trip for my partner and his mistress to go to. To me, it is like 3 party travelling. Now I'm travelling for holiday again with my children and partner but the image of the 3 party trip keep reflecting in my mind and all the bad memories are back even though he said that their relationship is ended and impossible.

Will you have the same feeling as me too?


hi all, thanks for all the advice. I've just delivered my boy on 6 Nov. he is a month old now. I tried to talk things out with him and decided to give him a chance for my boy's sake. it's been a few months since the incident. I tend to think abt it at times, but I'm so busy with my boy, god I didn't know taking care of a baby can be so tiring. first few days when I came back from the hospital I cried so much cause I didn't know how to handle our baby, so I didn't really have much time to think abt the incident. my focus now is all on getting enough rest and stay strong for my baby. but my husband was really supportive and that made everything much better. though I still don't totally trust him, but I tell myself if he ever attempt to cheat on me again, then I guess we were never meant to be tgt.


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My partner loves to chat with our women. He can send a lot of messages to different women and tell them how he miss them and even said he will take them if their husbands/bfs don't want them. Worst still is some of the women are my kids' friends moms

After knowing all these, feel disappointed and sad. Having been myself to give up the marriage anytime and he wants to leave and I will give him all the blessing.


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It takes a few time before we finally feel that we are being cheated. It is definitely unpleasant but all of are in way have been cheated by our partner. Sometimes we are even too trusting that our man is not the type of guy who would ever cheat. But it is really hard to say


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After many happy years of marriage, my husband suddenly burst and applied away from me because he met a younger woman. Our daughter was 10 years old at the time. Cried day and night and I did not know to whom I could turn. But priestessifaa@yahoo.com whom a friend introduced me to came like a flash in my life and so my life changed again to positven because my husband came to me in a short time back with tears and apology. Thank you priestess Ifaa, that you have brought my life to my home