Have you Sunat your girls?


Did sunat a week ago. Actually very mild. They basically removed about a third of your hood and leave the clitoris in tact. So basically your clitoris is exposed rather than covered by the hood. No pain and recovered in under a week.

Thanks for everyone for there help
whoah!!! u very brave!!! :embarrassed:


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yup stonston yer right. different families, different customs. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I guess i failed to see to some Muslim families, customs are just as important as religion. To each his own aye. :)


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I've been reading the comments, with all due respect, why are u doing this to ur baby girls? It is not stated in the Quran and u harm her... It has no benefit at all... What would answer gonna be when she asks u: "Mom, why did u do this to me?" Could u say "because it was necessary" ??? And you know it would be true... I know it's not harmful in SG, but this has to stop...
To all mommies who claimed that it is not compulsory to circumcise our baby girls coz it is not mentioned in the Quran.. It is actually mentioned in authentic hadeeths from our prophet Muhammad.. The Sahabiyyahs (Muslim ladies who lived in the Prophet's time and got to meet him) were all circumcised.. It is considered an act of honour, not a cultural tradition.. I circumcised both my girls as it is considered a sunnah..
As for how we are circumcised, how it is done in African countries and some Arab nations, they mutilate it.. That is wrong.. Here in Singapore though, the doctors just basically either snip a bit of the hood off or in the case of Dr Adidah (where I brought both daughters to), she made a slit in the hood.. No snipping, only a little blood, and life for baby goes on per normal within 5mins.. No crying when she passed urine or when I changed her diapers afterwards.. So yup, although it isn't stated in the Quran, it is best to look for other authentic resources before saying it shldn't be done.. The Quran also doesnt state how to perform the solat, does it? :)
You and your child are perfect the way you are born. Your first responsibility as a parent is to protect your child, and of course this means protecting your childs body, too. All of these choices must be left to the person who owns the body, not to the parents who only care for the body a short time. Circumcision and sunat harms the body and its function. It creates pain pathways in the brain that make the child more sensitive to pain much later on and throughout life. It removes tissue that was created to protect the organs. Find another way to honor your culture or religion without cutting childrens genitals.
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I agree with you, I think after sunat, your clitoris will be more clean because it is not covered by the hood anymore. Congratulation.


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van létjogosultséga, ha valoban a szagoktol is megszabadit,kellene legalább egy hely ahol csinálják europában is.bébiknek csak ugy szimbolikusan egy tüszurást még a szülészeten hogy meglegyen a "körülmetélés" ha valaki akarja felnöttkorában kivágathatja saját magának amennyit csak akar.akkor tényleg indokolt ha valakinek napirenden virgonckodik a szerelem szerve a lába között,és maga akar megszabadulni ettöl az érzéstöl, ha orvos csinálja sterilen,esetleg érzéstelenitve akkor semmi akadálya nincs. Ha muszlin férfihez megy hozzá egy magyar nö akkor ha követni akarja a tradiciot, jo lenne ha Magyarországon is csinálnék 25 dollárnak megfelelö összegért.Régen a ninfomániásoknak eltávolitottak a clitorisukbol, ezáltal kevésbé voltak vérmesek.Mindenképpen egyéni szabad választás kérdése, kötelezövé ne tegyék, de ha valaki akar ilyet az elérhetö közelségben megtehesse.nagyon messzire kell utazni egy magyarnak ha ilyet akarna.


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If you cut your child's genitals, you are the worst form of sex criminal. Rape does not even mutilate them so badly. Girls in most countries are protected by law against female genital mutilation, which is what you are talking about. Boys also need to be protected against having the most sensitive part of their bodies cut off. Genital mutilation of children is a crime and you will burn in hell if you do this to your sons and daughters.
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