have your menses resume??


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been pumping for 5+ mths, no menses but noticed increased discharge few days last mth. not sure if it's coz of the fenugreek or wat. and been getting on-off menstrual cramps.


Mine came back 4 months after giving birth to my darling girl. She is now 9 months old and I am still breastfeeding.

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I think it depends on individual......some may hv menses while still BF while some like me.....no menses until I stopped BF which is when my son was 9mths then
mine resumed pretty much within the first 2-3 months. my gynae thought it was still lochia when i went to see her about 10 weeks after delivery. but, er, no.

been pumping for 5+ mths, no menses but noticed increased discharge few days last month. not sure if it's coz of the fenugreek or what. and been getting on-off menstrual cramps.
chances are you are actually ovulating although there is no discharge. it is possible which is why some nursing mommies become pregnant again although menses had not yet returned.


I'm still bfing my 11 month old bb.. N my menses came in aug.. Lasted for 5-6 days but somehow, I did not get it in sept as yet... Used to be very regular before pregnancy..


As for me, my menses returned at 7th month (late June '10) after delivery but it was irregular and gone haywire as I'm still breastfeeding my coming to 10 months old gal.
Menses returned at 7th month; at 8th month was only spotting (don't even need a pad, only pantyliner) and 9th month returned again.
Now awaiting next cycle...don't know when will come as it has become very irregular due to breastfeeding.


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my menses came back in the 9th month after delivery, and it was very regular, right down to the exact day every month. so much so that when i missed my period by a day after my boy turned 12 months old in june, i suspected (correctly) that i had become pregnant again. i am still exclusively bfg my #1 now and he is 15 months.
thanks for the replies mommies!!!

however i still feel abit uneasy.. felt like haven't had period for ages.. cos my boy is nearly 10months old but i have no menses yet.. i'm actually trying for #2 for few months ready but not wanting to wean my boy yet...

funny thing is this is the 1st time in my life anticipating my period.. haha


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I am exclusively breastfeeding my 11-month old son and also have no menses yet. Wants to try for #2 but difficult as hard to know when ovulating.

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I am planning for #2.
Weaned boy at 14 months.
Almost totally weaned off at 18 months, when he started sleeping through 5-6 hours at night.
Used ovulation kit to confirm ovulation.
Menses returned this month.

Without menses, you may still use ovulation kit to test for the correct dates for easier planning. Good luck! :)

(Yes, first time I'm looking forward to menses too, after 2+ years without any!)


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my menses came back ard the 3rd month after birth although i was doing TBF.. was disappointed coz it's such a hassle and each time before the menses is coming, i would experience a dip in supply.. argh!!

some women breastfeed for 2 yrs n nvr have their menses for the whole of 2 years.. how great it is..

for ladies who are hope for no.2, maybe u should just go with the nature and enjoy the process.. no menses doesn't means no ovulation.. i read of some mommies who thought they cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding, did it w/o protect.. end up being pregnant.. LOL..