Healthy times or Happy bellies or Earths best?

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  1. swathi

    swathi New Member

    Hi Mummies!!

    My son turning 4 months soon, confused on which brand of cereal to introduce him first.. i am partial towards organic hence have narrowed down 3 brands - HT, Happybellies and Earths best..
    Can anyone help me choose between the 3?
    Also where can i find happy bellies and earths best? havent found them anywher other than mumsnkids website..
  2. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Hi Swathi

    You can get Earth's best brand at Vitakids [ Found in Paragon, United sq, Millenia walk suntec]...I gave my boy Healthy times brown rice & Hipps Organic rice first. Very easily digestable. No allergy. :)
  3. swathi

    swathi New Member

    Hi Priya!
    Thanks for the respnse..
    guess will start with HT brown rice.. heard its available in cold storage.. where do you buy your supplies? i am in india since baby's birth and will be back in couple weeks.. hence no idea about the availibility of these cereals.. will send hubby to check out :)
  4. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Hi Swathi

    You can get Healthy times at NTUC [usually the bigger outlets]. I do get mine at Carrefour Suntec. There is another store call Four seasons organic store at City Sq mall at Farrer park area. You can get some of the organic baby food stuff there too.
  5. megtan

    megtan Member

    Have tried all three. HT and HB very flaky, whereas EB look more like normal cereal. But not much difference actually. I stick to HT coz much easier to find than the other 2 brands. Can be found easily at NTUC and Cold Storage. The other 2 brands usually at organic stores.
  6. xinyl

    xinyl New Member

    Harbourfront level 3. There's an organic shop there.
  7. HoneyLicious

    HoneyLicious Member

    been giving my boy HT from 6months till now.. he simply loves them. it can be found easily at most supermarket like ntuc, cold storage, marketplace.
  8. isabelandrew

    isabelandrew Active Member

    hihi, healthy times is flaky and light. it is ok for 1st food. my bb loves it. i also take it; not now though. i thought it tastes midly sweet and fragrance is good.

    EB - you can find it jasons or cold storage.

    Brown rice paradise at tanglin - offers a good range of organic bb food. also happy bellies. bellgamy.

    i suggest you let your bb try all - but remember there is a 4 day rule. that is u must feed ur bb at least 4 days in a row before changing. i fed my bb 1 wk before i switch. this way u can spot any issues like allergy, constipation, diahorrea...
  9. swathi

    swathi New Member

    Thanks so much for the reply guys! it was of great help!
  10. nutela

    nutela Member

    I gv my baby happy bellies.. i bought online n ship in..bought from
  11. tanfamily

    tanfamily New Member

    Hi, just to share, i introduce sprout organic baby food to my daughter, she love it a lot then healthy times, happy bellies nor earth best. dun know why leh!
  12. tpyy

    tpyy New Member

    Hi nutela, care to share how much is the shipping estimated? i went to the website, seems by pounds is it?
  13. For a complete or more diverse range of Earths Best baby food you can get them at Brown Rice Paradise at Tanglin Mall :)
  14. swathi

    swathi New Member

    more than 3 months i started this thread and my son is now almost 7 months.. i started him with healthy times brown rice, then oats, then barley.. he eats home cooked millets porridge in the morning and one of the three HT cereal in the evening.. veg or fruit puree in the noon.. want to explore other brands now that we seem to have been kinda satiated with HT :)
  15. tanfamily

    tanfamily New Member

    my girl is 8 months old now, she is on this brand called Sprout organic baby food.. imported from usa, bulk order by own selves with other mummies, still have excess stock left, if interested, can pm me. Otherwise, i very glad we are all exploring organic food..

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