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Amber Gilmore

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Hello, this is Amber from the US. I stayed in Singapore from 2002-2004 when I was pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at NTU. I love Singapore and it is like my second motherland.

In 2017, I went through my own surrogacy journey in the US and I team up with other experienced surrogate mothers and form an agency. We are helping quite a few couples from mainland China, the US, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK. I just started talking with a couple from Singapore and I am so excited as she is from Singapore!

I learned from her that this is a place where mommies from Singapore come. I figure I will come here and say hi.



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Here For All Surrogate Your Problems
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Workplace Harassment At Micron Technology Singapore

A senior employee of Micron Technology Singapore, named Li Jun Bin, had regularly expressed his hatred for his colleagues in his office by posting numerous angst-ridden rants on his Facebook page "li.junbin“.

Majority of Li Jun Bin’s unprofessional and unsophisticated tirades contain the following antagonizing and violent elements:
1) One-sided complaints about Micron Technology Singapore
2) Unethical dissemination of untrue rumors about his colleagues
3) Description of his criminal intention to use violence on his female colleague and his threatening compulsion to slap his female colleague

There are some screen shots taken of Li Jun Bin’s Facebook rants, preserving hard evidences of Li Jun Bin’s tendency to take it to social media to sow discord among his colleagues, spread rumors and lies, and defame other people whom he had quarreled with in his office in the past. This is truly an unprofessional behavior shown by a senior employee working at Micron Technology Singapore.

Given that an employee with such a poor emotional stability and a low social maturity has managed to pass Micron Technology’s rigorous tests during interviews by its Human Resource department, it inevitably makes an outside observer wonder whether it is still safe to work in Micron Technology Singapore. Does Micron Technology even protect its employees from workplace violence and harassment?

The problem with this irresponsible and negligent employee, Li Jun Bin, has been been brought up to the Micron Technology but nothing has yet been resolved on the company’s part to protect its workers from workplace violence and harassment, a recipe for a toxic office culture that has proven to cause long-term depression to fester in the workers.