HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by qidderakh, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. qidderakh

    qidderakh New Member

    hi mummies out there..

    i nid ur advices/tips on how 2 lose weight after givin birth plz..

    ive jux gave birth& 1 2 lose weight back 2 my old weight b4 preg..

    help me any1..

  2. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    hi, i suggest you breastfeed and take care ur baby by yourself, i'm sure u'll loose weight..:tlaugh:coz i did and i shed off my pregnancy weight and also still les 1 kg from the pre-pregnant weight..
  3. SH74

    SH74 Member

    i agree w porukadotz. i lost wt v fast. within 1 month. my colls all shocked, said i dun look like i jus given birth 1 month ago. hahaha... :D actu that time still havent shed till pre-preg wt.

    but 1 thing, i find stomach area more diffi to shed.

    now (6months alr), my wt back to pre-preg wt. but stomach still got a small bump. last time flat n toned. think need to exercise to get that back.
  4. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    U don't have to worry..

    Once you start breastfeeding, you will lose some very quickly..
  5. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    Yup, becoz it will be very tiring.. Haha. :p Until ur bb gets alittle older, then won't be tt tiring from bf all the time.. 24/7... Hee.
  6. vonn81

    vonn81 Member

    Ya will lose weight if BF and take care of bb bb full mth my fren say wah u slim down so fast arh. But hor i only lose weight fast during the 1st mth leh..then after that i like gain back abit...feel hungry very easily leh. is it also due to BF?
  7. SH74

    SH74 Member

    i feel hungry easily, aft bf also. eat alot more than b4 preg. my friends were shocked that i can eat so much now. :p
  8. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    hhaha ya me too, i can eat rice like those workers! not joking!
    i dunno why but i just can not feel full if i eat normal portion... but i guess its all for the good thing..:tlaugh:
  9. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    Don't worry la....will sure lose some weight one...
  10. vonn81

    vonn81 Member

    yaya really eat like a piggy leh...i'm always not full also. how to lose weight like that? stomach already expanded. haha!!
  11. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    do housework & go to gym... for stomach fat, u need to walk a lot or climb stairs... u'll have a very nice waist line...

    I am fat fat de.. but i still with have shape.. especially waist... i use to walk for one hour a day, climb stairs at work, walk home from work place takes me 30- 45 mins... go gym fast walking... i like to walk basicallyto relax, sight seeing...... so maybe u can try it out.. walking is gentle not so vigorous... so it's good for woman.

    I am pregnant now so i got to stop my gym activity... , so most likely will go back to gym after deliver....lately i was thinking about maybe can buy those " dancing pad" those kind of arcade dancing game connect to tv.. and u can start dancing at home ...this should be cool.

    haizz now i start to gain weight... jia you jia you.
  12. qidderakh

    qidderakh New Member

    tanx every1 4 sharing ur experience&tips on losin weight..

    i wil definitely take note of it..!

    now fil a lil bit less stress&less worries..

    tanx u all d mummy tat shared..
  13. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    Carrying your bb also helps to shed some weight off. Some Bfing mummies instead of losing weight tend to put on more because they take lots of nutrititions foods to ensure bb gets the best nutrients.

    It will take a while la just got to be patient lor.
  14. ttyshuen

    ttyshuen New Member

    hi mothers out there, I'm a newbie to mummy sg. Does any of you have any good postnatal massage ladies to recommend? Hmm, tat should help to shed some inches during confinement right?
  15. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    but exercise also quite hard to target that area, sit-ups and crunches doesnt work, only tone up wont flatten it leh.
  16. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    theres a thread in this forum that has some1 to recommend. U wanna take a look?

    for me my relative in malaysia did some massage for me. The wind really reduced and got abit flatten. Then i used cellulite cream to apply for 2 weeks and i really fit into my pre-preg clothes. The brand of the anti-cellulite cream is Elancyl (Guardian has it). Works for me, lost 2 inches of stomach fats. But if u r breastfeeding cannot use becoz it will release toxins into yr bloodflow (got caffeine), have to wait until after BF then can use. Coz i only BF for 3months. (milkflow not enuff- paisei)
  17. SH74

    SH74 Member

  18. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    hahaz...dun cry...

  19. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    tat means time for us to cover tummy area and show boobies area hahhazz.. coz boobies surely expand too!:tlaugh:
  20. SH74

    SH74 Member

    boobs expand together w tummy leh. i want boobs expand but tummy remain flat. :( even my mil also say i fatter now. actu is just nice for me la 'cause since birth till b4 preggy, i'm underweight. but i really want my flat tummy back. hahaha... :D

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