baby is having fever after a fall from bed..

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  1. iynix

    iynix New Member

    Hi all,
    My baby is 7mth plus to 8mth.He had a fall from bed and had a fever at night..Brought him to the doc but when i reach there the temp drop and doc say he doesn't have any fever but after see doc he get his fever again.The 1st nite that he had a fall i fed him panadol syrup but he vomit out with the milk that he had drank.The next day morning he had a fever of 38.2degree that when i bring him to the doc who take his temp of 37.2degree which has drop but a while later he get fever of 38.0degree again..I fed him with the medicine but during midnight he keep crying and i took his temp of 39.2degree which is juz now ard 5am.I fed him with the medicine and he has fall asleep but i juz cant stop worrying..Can anyone tell mi wat shld i do...he doesn't vomit often when i feed him drink medicine but only sometime which make mi worry...I am sorry for being so nagging but i juz feel so worry..
  2. edy

    edy Administrator Staff Member

    was it a bad fall?

    You might want to bring him to another doctor for second opinion or request the initial doctor to perform through checking.

    How is the baby? is he/she playing normally or?
  3. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator


    is today the 3rd day (i mean the 72 hours monitoring)??? Are the symptoms persistent??? but if bb constantly throws up every feed and fever still donx subside, please bring bb back to PD.....

    meanwhile, monitor the fever, try to keep it down.....use fever patch or frequent sponging on top of the fever medi......
  4. iynix

    iynix New Member

    The fall is like he roll and play ard on the bed but he roll till he fall down and hit his forehead if i am not wrong as forehead was abit reddish colour as i am not in the room only my brother in-law who is playin computer saw it but by the time he know he already on the floor..he still could play normally it juz that he get irritated easily...he juz fall asleep not long but he could cry a while den i have to shake him as he is sleepin in the YAO LAN..Was thinkin if his fever still maintain so high later den i bring him to kkh..Oh ya i didn't tell the doc that he fall on the day he get fever cos i was thinkin he was teething so he get fever..
  5. iynix

    iynix New Member

    Hi..hmm yup it the 3rd day but it the day before he get fever at nite till now..but the temp is like goin up and down..He doesn't throw out every feed it juz that sometime when he drink his medicine..He got cough and pleghm(dunno whether is it this way to spell)..normally before he goin to vomit he will cough den vomit..he threw out milk but not totally the amount that he drank...i will bring him to kkh if the fever of 39degree doesn't subside..cos only yesterday i brought him to the doc...
  6. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    oic, its quite common if bb has cough and throws up milk feeds....las time baber has merlioned so many times and the sight of it really scares me to death lols~~~

    ok from wad i gathered from your description, yr bb seems fine and the fever shd not be from the fall.....coz normally if babies are affected by the fall, they will cry nonstop, vomit persistently or almost every feed and cannot settle down after feeding etc....

  7. iynix

    iynix New Member

    oh really...thank goodness...i am so worry that it becos of the fall that cause him to have fever..oh ya juz took his temp and the degree has drop to 37.6degree..i think becos of the medicine that he drank b4 he fall least now i can go sleep peacefully but he will keep make noise like a while stop den later make noise again...I am so tired juz now but juz too worry that i cant sleep...oh ya i am pregnant with my no.2 now so maybe this cause mi feel more tired..:) anyway thank for yr help and concern...
  8. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    oooohhh congrats~~~so u muz take care of yourself too~~:001_302::001_302::001_302:

    yup juz keep monitoring the fever will be fine.

    take care ya.....any questions please feel free to post here~~~
  9. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Hi iynix, how high was the bed? My boy fell from the bed once also but he didn't have a fever. If the fever and vomitting still persists, I really recommend that you bring your baby to another doc for a 2nd opinion. Usually when I tell my pd that my boy had fever and reach clinic no more fever, he will still treat my boy.
  10. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    if your son is teething then it might not be due to the fall.
    what u shld do is the monitor his temp n note down the timing n temp.
  11. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    Please rush him to the hospital.Better safe than sorry esp since fever after a fall n vomitting is not gd.Hope everything checks out well..pls go NOW!!
  12. Lionel

    Lionel Alpha Male

    Yes, better be safe than sorry. Go for 2nd opinion, or to KK for a checkup.

    Some symptoms of head injury :
    Head injury (concussion) | BabyCenter
  13. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    pls send him to hospital... no point guessing ard.. go to hospital, let the doc check... if (touchwood) anything, can faster get treated. if doc say okay, at least u wont feel wry...
  14. iynix

    iynix New Member

    hi all,my baby fever still haven subside yet...the fever is like up and down but mostly night the fever will go up...he now doesn't feel like eatin porriage so i gave him milk but sometime he wun finish the milk that he normally if no fever will drink finish...i am so worry but my mil say that he is teething so the fever is normal...the fever temp go up and down like 37.6 to 38.6...yesterday feed him drink medicine but he resist drinkin it..i really dunno wat to do...he also have slight cough and plegm...hai...wat shld i do...
  15. iynix

    iynix New Member

    Hi..the bed is nt really high cos dun have bed frame...only mattress..the doc still gave mi fever medicine for him...
  16. iynix

    iynix New Member

    hi..juz called kk ask a nurse..they say that it ok for the time being as i has already bring my son to see family doc..but if condition worsen den bring him down...
  17. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Hi iynix,

    Teething fever will not go up to 38.6 degrees. Loss of appetite, fever and vomitting are all signs of the fall having an effect on your baby. And the fever has been persistent for more than 3 days. Please go down to KK. The nurse might not have heard you explaining clearly. It's better to let the doctor know. The doctors will know better.
  18. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    pardon me, but pls dont listen to ur mil too much.. as ur baby's fever is so 'coincidental' alrdy! aft the fall, he has been having fever and now his appetite decrease... i agree with diymummy, better bring him to hospital for a check.. really not good to delay...
  19. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    continue to monitor the temperature, make sure it does not go too high.....

    also dilute the milk intake might help, like if normally 4 spoonfuls to xxx ml, dilute to 3 spoonfuls to xxx ml ?

    and let baby drink more fluids.

    Or have u done all of the above already??? anything else tat PD has advised? Have u seen the PD many times already but still doesnt help???
  20. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    i also think u shld either seek a 2nd doc opinion or bring him to KK to check.
    better safe than sorry.

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