Help! Red line in baby's eye

Discussion in 'Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old)' started by megtan, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. megtan

    megtan Member

    This evening, my 2-month old boy woke up suddenly from his nap with shrieking cries and then I saw his eye (the white part) has a red line. Not sure if it's blood vessel or scratch/tear. I suspect he could have poked/scratched his eye with his finger/finger nail.

    After I soothe him, he seems to be ok and later playing happily... but the red line is still there.

    Any mummies with similar experience? Should I bring baby to PD to check it out?
  2. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    I hv not had similar experience but I wouild advise you to see the PD asap cos' esp ur bb is just 2mths old
  3. megtan

    megtan Member

    Brought baby to see PD this morning. It's broken blood vessel. Cause may be due to crying too hard or scratched by fingernail. According to PD, it's common and the red line will go away in a couple of weeks, no need any eye drop. Unless the redness spreads and he shows sign of illness.
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  4. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    my bb oso kena when she is 1wks old..took her to the pd but she dun wanna open her eyes..cant force open oso.. but after 2wks it automatically fade away
  5. cocraze

    cocraze Active Member

    Sorry, just saw your message. My girl, now coming to 3 months, had the red line some weeks back but I wasn't sure when it first started appearing. I also didn't do anything to it or consult a paed. It just went away on its own.

    My girl always cries quite vehemently almost daily, either kinda colicky or just like to vent her "Da Xiao Jie" temper. Thanks for sharing the paed's advise, cos Im sure the red line will someday appear again.
  6. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    Hi megtan,

    Now that you know what the PD says, next time if it happens again don't need to panic:tlaugh:but hey it won't happen again ya?
  7. megtan

    megtan Member

    Hi Phoebii,
    Thanks! Yep, now I know, yesterday night so worried. Now dilemma whether to put on mittens for him or not. He's starting to feel and grab things now, if put on mitten dunno will hinder his progress. But scared he scratch and poke his eyes again. He got some scratch marks on his face already, lucky cut his nails so just red red.

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