Highly Recommended : Dr. Rosalind Chong, MBBS


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Dear MummySG,

I have long been wanting to share this testimony... and just finally got my account successfully activated... and just timely for Mother's Day!

I have been a patient of Dr. Rosalind Chong since 2008. She was referred to me for my Adenomyosis case... during the course of treatment, I conceived and she likewise, became my consultant eversince.

Dr. Chong has been like a 'mother' to me, I remember she used to scold me (even my husband), as I was not gaining weight during my first trimester of pregnancy... I thought she was fierce, but I see that it was her way of caring for her patients. ;-) Since then, we entrusted to her our son until she delivered my first born.

Dr. Chong has been so caring, that I receive whatsapp messages to follow up how am I doing. Fast forward, 2014 my adenomyosis started growing massively, as I have stopped visiting her after giving birth. During my first hospitalization, she advised me that the fastest way to prevent severe pain is through hysterectomy (removal of uterus). {i even consulted another expert at Gleneagles, and diagnosis is the same, hysterectomy is the only solution as my adenomyosis has been growing bigger}... but my husband and I couldn't accept this, as we are still hoping to have a 2nd baby.

Dr. Chong provided a solution to shrink my adenomyosis, and it has been successful until we reached 6th session of the medication... but once the medication wears off, I began having severe pain again... until this year, that we have decided to finally go through total hysterectomy... and now, I am a lot BETTER than ever.

Thanks to Dr. Rosalind Chong for all the BEST CARE she has been providing me up to this time... whom I consider as my 'mother'.

I highly recommend her to any women, mum or expecting mums to consult her.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all women and to Dr. Chong! Thank you so much for everything!