hihi any good confinement nanny to recommend?


hi Jas, may I know when is your EDD? Got a Malaysian friend who is a confinement nanny, in her late 40s.


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Dear mummies-to-be,

I am here to share my confinement experience with all of you. I strongly recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Xue Fang (Sek Fong), whom is a recommendation from another confinement lady. I spoke to her over the phone and found her really friendly and humble.

She is a Malaysian, in early-fifties, and has more than 15 yrs of confinement experience. She is currently doing confinement for me and takes very good care of my baby and me. She is very systematic and plans her chores and duties superbly well. She is also very friendly and easy-going. She helps me to do marketing on her own at the nearby market after hubby brought her once.

She cooks for my extended family when they visit, and her meals are very yummy! Love how she tweaks rice meals when I got sick of it and cooks 'Chao-tar Bee Hoon', Fried Udon and etc as I'm a fussy eater. Daily tea snacks and desserts really spoil me and my hubby to the max.

She is knowledgeable and also very pro-breastfeeding but no stress to mummy as she will help with fomula feeds if mummy doesn't have enough milk supply yet and helps out with all the diaper change.

She takes a break in her room when she is done with her duties and watches HK Drama on her phone. Even then, she is very vigilant of any cries from baby and will attend to baby or me.

She can be contacted at her Malaysia number via Whatsapp at +60129585884. She cannot understand English. You can type in Chinese or record voice messages in Chinese. Ask her for her rates. A small deposit of $300 is required as she also needs to secure her jobs.