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Looking for people to promote a newly launched product in Singapore.

You can promote to your friends and relatives through facebook or any other social media.

Qing Qing in Chinese 清清, QingQingKu means Clear, Clean, Light of weight. We all Said Women is made by Water, In the Natural Water is the most beautiful because it;s clear. Only Water can made people want to kiss. that why Qing Qing ku use Qing Qing and Lips as the Signature.

Qing Qing Ku launched on July 2015, at the same time their unique Technology the combination of "Silver ion Disinfect and Far infrared"Access to the National Patent Certification Authorithy. Patent No. ZL 201*** .

Duo Nv Lang Qing Qing Ku is a underwear of the combination of Silver ion and Far infrared Therapy, it is a women healthy care and scientific underwear.

There are a few options for a start:

option 1: you can start selling by getting a few pieces from me.

option 2: can get a dealership.

do let me know your contact number if you are interested in it and i can contact you and explain to you more.