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Hello mammas,
As I have mentioned in my intro post, I'm in my third trimester. Due date is by the end of December. As I love chocolates and sweets, I had it a lot during early trimesters. But last day when I checked the blood sugar level, it was found to be very high. The doctor had asked to take strictly avoid sweets.

Last day, after the scanning, the doctor said that there is a chance of preterm labor. I went really tensed after hearing it. He said that it might be because of not having proper rest at home. To some extent, it is very correct. Because looking after my elder child is really a tedious task. He is a very naughty kid. Teaching him his daily lessons is another hectic task. I take a lot of strain for doing all these. So as per the advice of the doctor, my hubby suggested appointing a nanny from any of the home nanny services. As we haven't availed any such services before, we are not sure of the procedure that has to carry out for appointing a nanny. If anyone among you is familiar with it, please do share your thoughts. I would also like to know how to avoid the preterm labor. Is there any exercise that can be performed in order to avoid the early delivery. All your suggestions would be of great help.