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    Hi all,

    If you are looking for home tutor for your kids ranging from kindergarten to JC, please feel free to contact me.

    - Get up to 20% discount for EPB assessment books.
    - Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with a shopping voucher.
    - Get a Free E-Learning/Assessment Account. Public Rate is $49.90/monthly.
    - We have many tutors; we can quickly find a replacement for if you are not comfortable with the tutor
    - More than 138 courses for you to choose from.
    Interested? Contact me: Wendy @ 83383986
    Please State:
    1. Your budget per month (Price is Negotiable)
    2. Your location
    3. The subjects to be taught (can be more than 1)
    4. Minimum qualification (Diploma/A'lvl/Pre-graduate/Degree/Masters) *do note that more experienced, would cost slightly more
    5. MOE/NIE registed teacher/none
    6. Preferred gender/any
    7. Preferred race/any

    Thank you :)

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