House Cleansing For My Haunted House


It seems that your house has not been cleaned for a long time, so ghosts have settled there...To begin with, conduct a preliminary inspection in the house and find out what can interfere with cleaning. These can be small objects on cabinets, tables, tables. Remove the curtains and throw them in the washing machine if their washing is included in the cleaning plan. While you are cleaning the house, they will be washed. Collect all the dirty laundry, sort it, and put it in baskets in the bathroom. When the cleaning is over, they can be washed without haste. Then start cleaning in the yard of the house, and you need to pay attention to absolutely everything, including the walls. And if you notice that something has fallen into disrepair, get a new one. I had that with the license plate for the house. It was ancient, so I bought a new one on the platform, And when I do the cleaning, I wipe the whole house, including the license plate. This is the only way my house looks neat.